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Vatlayer is a simple JSON-based REST API offering instant EU VAT number validation, accurate VAT rates for all 28 current EU member states & VAT compliant price calculation.

Its system is secured by HTTPS and focused on ease of use & integration, delivering all VAT data in lightweight and highly portable JSON format.

This level of compatibility, paired with startup- and developer-friendly pricing and a full stack of features makes the vatlayer API a perfect VAT rate automation and number validation interface for individuals and businesses.

At vatlayer we aim to provide the highest possible level of data accuracy and response speed possible. In order to achieve this for every API request, the vatlayer API relies on multiple servers and a distinct "fallback & validation" mechanism, consisting of a fairly large number of different data sources (instances), which include the European Commission's databases. If one instance fails to deliver an accurate data response (which does not even occur in 99.9% of the cases), the next highest one is assigned with the respective request. Only this way can we provide a consistent service and API living up to our customer's expectations

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