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People to spread the l-u-u-v-v!

About product

You're passionate about something, right?

Maybe it's a film that's touched you, a piece of music that's moved you, a play or musical you've really enjoyed, an artist you admire, a band you saw live, a novel that excites you, a sport you play or follow, a TV series you just can't miss, a place you are longing to visit.

We are, too! That's why we created

It's a simple way for everyone to show the world what and who they are passionate about.

We invite you to visit now, create your account, and show the world what you luuvv. You can claim your name

(before someone else does!) and even add that link to your StarterPad page, your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, etc., to show your friends and followers the things you luuvv.

It's the ultimate personal profile!

And if you have a startup, please DO add it to luuvv (in the category Websites, or Companies). You can then put a Luuvv Button on your site so that fans of your site can click on it and tell their friends and followers that they luuvv your site.

Join the community today.

We are adding new features and functionality all of the time, so do come and try it out and give us some honest feedback.

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