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Haydeé Jiménez
Cultural Producer
Germany, Berlin


Current position
Q-Hatch Founder looking for Tech Co-Founder
Currently working on Rockajoint.com, an online collaboration platform where you can build new teams around project ideas - post projects, make open calls and meet collaborators. Also, I am working on building a new highschool focused on art, technology and leadership in Tijuana, Mexico.

In my recent past, I was involved in co-initiating a project called FreiTräume - d.i.y. workshops for girls and young women; also co-creating Voixtronik - remix contest project experimenting with electronic music and grassroots Austrian alpinian sounds to create new music.

Q-Hatch was my masters thesis for Cultural Production - it is concept for a new type of interactive web-based application for brainstorming, crowd-sourcing innovation, collaborative learning, enhanced decision making processes, creativity and knowledge revision. This project is on hold until a dedicated and skilled team is formed.
Looking for
Q-Hatch Founder looking for Tech Co-Founder (html5, mobile)
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