Young Entrepreneurs (Under 25)

Hi guys..hope you are having great day..
I have launched a cashback website in India namely
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I'm a tech PR consultant, Software Engineer by Education Technoprenuer, Blogger, Digital Marketing consultant and Technology Evangelist. I'm also the Founder of Softception (, Softception is an IT solutions and technology oriented organization providing wide range of IT and web services to businesses around the world. We provide PR, social media, web development,SEO,Apps Development. I've worked with a number of enterprise technology companies around the world, and I have particular experience working with tech startups.

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I would like to introduce our company and let you know we are interested in partnering with companies in San Antonio. We specialize in Drupal web development and mobile applications. Please take a few moments and review to see our services.

I would be happy to meet with you to see if we have some possible partnership opportunities.

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Need young entrepreneurs in India? for a couple of projects and startups.

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Deepansh haha its india no one comes like this if are asking a question

Need Front-End / UI Developer

Looking for a creative Front-End / User Interface Developer to join our team as a Co- Founder. We are an early stage start-up of a location-based social network platform for global brands. This is a great opportunity for the right person to be a part of something big and play an integral role in the development and launch of this company.

The ideal person must have a very strong knowledge and understanding of modern web-based UI development and experience using Ruby on Rails. Must possess passion for intuitive designs and understand how technology is used by end users. This is an equity based offer.

Interested candidates must send a resume with a brief email introduction (preferably with links to previous work) to thriftyinks@gmail dot com

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Heres the latest invention idea from Boh that is trying to find a home....

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Trevor Scott Love it... A LOT !!!

Hello again, I'm looking to build and elite collective of young creatives and entrepreneurs.

Also if you want to get involved with How It Started

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kingsley_silas More information regarding it would help before contacting you on mail.

Hey guys! My name is Maarten, I'm from The Netherlands and I'm 14 years old.
I design and code websites.
You can check out my personal website @

If you are interested in me, contact me :)

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Trevor Scott Hi Maarten...very impressed with your abilities
t Impressive! #tomstech
@locatecaller impressive ..!!! @14 i was just trying to figure out yahoo messengers hack .!!! u r going good ..!!
Rodrigue Jm Tusse Hey Maarteen, you're very good and at that age that's definitely impressive. And just one thing, try and get an English version of your vcard website ... you can people from everywhere in the world wanting to work with. Keep it up!

Yo dudes, my name is Nando and I'm a 15 year old Entrepreneur, marketing advisor and a creative app designer from Amsterdam.

My passion is creating pretty products that people love and use, with great other young entrepreneur, that's also why I posting this because I search for other awesome young people to network with.

I also love to brainstorming about great new ideas that are gonna change the future and solve problems by using hightech stuff and amazing software. We, this generation has to create this kind of stuff.

If you are interested to work with me, just say hello :)


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Hey! I'm currently working on a project called Ignited Minds, a startup platform targeted towards 14-24 year-olds which aims to offer a self-contained environment of relevant resources, services, funding, events and inspiration to young entrepreneurs.
We're trying to rebrand enterprise to our generation, whilst providing a clear, startup roadmap and all of the relevant support and services.
- Register your interest at
- Stay up to date with developments @BeIgnited
- Help us to shape our vision by completing our questionnaire and getting in touch! – We've already received some mind-blowing feedback which I will be sharing shortly!

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Hey guys my name is Kieran I'm a 19 year old young trep, founder of Gymfreak clothing and currently working on an awesome social ride sharing app. Would love an app developer and a co-founder to come on board. If you're interested drop me a message, would love to chat.

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Hello All,

Thought I'd introduce myself; my names Samuel and I'm a 19 year old Entrepreneur from London. I'm the founder of a website called 'How It Started'-
My expertise are in branding, creative direction and finance.

Looking for other great young entrepreneurs to network with.
Get in touch.


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How transparent should be a startup ??

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Deepansh its depend what you working on generally most of them remain in stealth mode unless they come up with beta or alpha while you can keep posting on blog your blog or pages so that curiosity remain outside
@Haswise Great work Samuel.

What do you guys think about working for equity?

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Vytas Butkevicius Good. All the new companies try to give some equity to employees to increase their motivation. Plus i believe equity is one of the most important factors to get rich fast.
@ishivakumar i joined a startup initial stage not very initial stage but i was the first developer after my CTO who is also the CEO.I didn't know much about equity back then,i read a lot and at annul performance revaluation .I asked them about equity they just said NO . They where saying we are self funded i dont think so because they are having mentor who invested in them . So any ways if the developer is joining at initial stage he should be given equity he equally works hard ... Working for equity is totally your call .If you think this idea is the future and its solving some great problem then go for equity Joel Spolsky has written great answer
Vytas Butkevicius Hey, isivakumar. Wow, i guess the first time i heard such a situation, because it's almost a common sense to give early employers some equity/shares. This i how you motivate employers and make achieve best results
@ishivakumar Ya i knw ..this is hw some startup work ..

Hey buddies,

I am Imani, 22yrs old from Nairobi. A passionate all round creative. I am 5'9 tall - people think i am in my late 50's! Then I wonder! but i am thankful for the things i have been able to achieve in the past couple of years! Introduced to computing at a tender age of 7.

I have a few startup projects which i am seriously looking for partners.

I have had a chance to work for several companies around the world - and i feel it's time to retire and do what makes me happy hehehe! :)

Please check out my portfolios below - and give your critique - I will appreciate your lovely comments!

Behance Portfolio:

I majorly do design for print & web, photography, 3D and Film!

Got a few film and tech projects! Would love ideas and maybe collaborations!!!

Would love your feedback - Thank you once again!

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Akram Fares Big up from morocco !
SimTabi Thanks a bunch Akram!!!
Thuan Soldier Greeting from Vietnam Imani! Hope you find something helpful here. Keep walking buddy!
SimTabi Hi Thuan, Thank you so much this means a lot to me. Have a lovely time!!! I have dreams of visiting Vietnam someday!!!!
Dilbag Koundal give ur skype. lets talk about it.... waiting
SimTabi My Skype Id is: iDomani
@Haswise Good stuff! :)

As Robert Scole Said, the next web will be defined by :

Wearable devices,
Database innovation,
Rapidly increasing social data,
Rapidly increasing location data.

Do you agree ?
Original post :

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t definitely! it's all already happening now, so it will only become more important and bigger in the future with advances in technology :)

Hey guys! I'm 19 years old from Singapore. Yes, I'm asian and I have pretty small eyes. I specialize in information technology - multimedia and will be specializing in social media soon.

I have pride issues so i really have problems working for people. I started out by hosting illegal private servers of games such as maple story, habbo hotel, and MU online and they provided me with extra income at the age of 12 +.

I have been interested in information technology ever since and I went on as a freelance web designer when I was 17. I also started out my own fitness equipments online store but I had to close it due to unforeseen circumstances.

I am currently managing a web design company in Singapore. I have a great idea for a new startup which would greatly increase my sales in fitness equipments and also solve a problem in the fitness industry.

I am currently developing it in ASP.NET C# and was wondering if anyone would like to join me?

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Vytas Butkevicius Hey Derrick! Well your introduction made me laugh a bit with your expressions(yes, i'm asian and pride issues parts :D). Welcome to StarterPad:) I think everyone would agree with me that it would be interesting to hear about your fitness equipment site: what where those unforseen circumstances. And what kind of person are you looking for to join your product? A person with good managing/ idea realization / developing or something else?:)
Derrick Lee Thank you! I do enjoy making people laugh ;) I jumped into the fitness industry at a very fast speed. It was only after the 'actual' marketing and sales did i realize that I failed to do proper market analysis and product research and sourcing. This was a great lesson and I hope other people like me (impatient, eager) can learn from my mistakes. I revisited my website and realize that despite having stopped marketing and sales, my site's visits have been going up consistently. This is what motivates me to get back into the industry stronger and better. I'm looking for co-founders to start a web application with me. A person with knowledge in the fitness industry, development background in ASP.NET C#, someone who is able to market out the product and someone who can develop ideas.
t Just a quick question - why Microsoft languages? What advantage to you see of using them over php/java/ruby/python as a server side language ? :)
Thuan Soldier Focus on how to interact with your market rather than talking much about technical side. Customers indeed don't care about what awesome languages you are using to develop your products/services. Your pitch can make your life happen.
Dilbag Koundal ok great. keep growing. you have projects?
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So I guess I'll start..

I'm Tom, a 19 year old who's been interested in tech and business for as long as I can remember. However, it's only been in the last couple of years since going to University that I've actually started doing something about those interests.

I've lead a couple of projects - one which didn't work out, and one which is currently ongoing. I've learned a lot from failure - how to better manage, organise, and general entrepreneurial and technical skills I wouldn't have otherwise learned.

I'm still at University - and find juggling trying to create a startup with education quite difficult. Ultimately, I'd just like to hear how other people manage, and other tips and advice they have to share. What kind of events do people go to (if any) ?

How do you find trying to get people to join your project? - I find this quite a challenge. I don't really have any money to give, and finding people suited to creating a startup; who are motivated, driven, and hard working - extremely difficult to find.

Anyway - there's lots more I could say.. but this is just a starting out post to get some discussion going, and people joining! :)

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Vytas Butkevicius Hey Tom! I'm a 20year old and i'm at University as well. but i don't have any problems doing both: maybe it's because last year I studies Chemistry and I changed to business economics(which is about 10times easier) so I got the time needed for projects. Talking about events, sometimes I just take a train to some events in London. I'm studying in Leicester, so there isn't a lot of "startup movement". Actually, there is almost none. But you know, internet is here, i try watching event recordings. Finding a suitable partner is one of the hardest things - usually everyone is very passionate about your project, but for about a month or so. I think it's impossible to distinct who is passionate/motivated and who isn't. In my experience, when i was looking for a tech side for my project, i just offered 50% of future profits. found my mentor the same way - for equity. Otherwise you could barely find anyone. Thats what I love about StarterPad - its getting much easier to find people you need who share same passion. BTW, why i really think its the hardest thing to find a person to work with? Because i'm not a techie/programmer/developer etc. And finding that kind os person is really hard now! Figured out one more reason: maybe developers/programmers think that marketers/organisers etc. don't do anything? Open for discussion :D
t I definitely agree with the motivation factor and finding people being hard. I really want to find a mentor, but I don't quite know how to go about doing so - how did you go about getting yours, and how does he/she help you out? I think it's often hard to find a techie who understands the ins and outs of business, and who values the value of marketers and organisers. So yeah, most do think that they don't do anything - but the ones that understand business are worth holding on to! What is your current project ? :)
Vytas Butkevicius Well I was lucky with my mentor - he is actually mentoring me since i was 18, because he's a good friend of mine:) i told him my idea in a pub and he offered mentoring for equity. I think you should jut check you friend list for experienced people who are willing to invest in you by giving advice on projects. mentors really help! We are focusing on the ability to sell newest products, mainly produced by startups, including tech, design, games and student startups as a whole. What about you?
Joseph Martz Yeah, definitely! Sharing and exchanging is the way :)
t I'm currently not doing anything; I just decided to put a project on hold due to the rest of the team having no time to work on it (*sigh* - the joys of being at university). I'm not sure what I'm going to do now - I'm probably going to work on adding features to my own website, and if anything else pops up - then I'll see about taking that on board.. Again, this is why I think having a mentor would be good - as they could guide me in the right direction about what to do etc.. Finding a mentor for me is quite difficult - I don't really know many significantly older people in the startup/tech/business industry who could help me out - so I'm a little stuck on this front :(
Vytas Butkevicius Well, my so called mentor is not really old. he is just 2years older but experienced as fuck. As I understood, you need a mentor to tell you what to do next.I don't really think mentor will be able to do that. I think you just need an Idea! :)
t I have lots of ideas; but I don't really want to go about implementing them as I was before. As I said; finding good people at university is hard - I've tried 3 times now - and have been unsuccessful in all of them. I want to know the best way of going about getting good people. I also want to know what their advice is on what I should do when I finish uni - get a job in a startup, or try and pursue the big idea :)
Vytas Butkevicius True that! it's almost impossible to find like-minded students at uni.. what about events? should be lots in London!
Dilbag Koundal i need web projects and SEO work. anyone have any project?
Alex Cantrell also in college/university, — I've got ideas and inspiration and everything, but for now I am forcing myself to be content with educating myself, acquiring perspectives and learning about where the world really needs the work to be done. I do not want to do something just for the heck of it- I am very attracted to social entrepreneurship, I believe it can be just as profitable as regular entrepreneurship, it's just more of a challenge to figure it out in the first place (though also more of a reward, as you're not just furthering capitalist scourges in the world). i'll be done in a year, and then I'll get a job at a startup, meet people, learn, save up my ideas and figure out which of them is actually worth it. THEN i'll dive in, and i'll go hard. :) but agreed, mentors and partners are very hard to come by, you need to be able to attract & keep them without financial incentivization. that's why mission is so important to me.. i want a partner who is just as-if-not-more driven to accomplish our company mission than me.


New to the scene? Old to the scene, but still considered young? Come share your thoughts, ideas and passions - helping one another out!


TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION (only ideas - not limited to!) : What difficulties do you face being young and perhaps new to the scene. Are you in full time education? How do you balance both your education, and your business life? What advice would you give to those wanting to startup, who don't quite know where to go and what to do? What would you do in hindsight ? General discussion - aiming to help each other out!


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