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I'm building a music promotion business called Cheeky Promo. Any support; mentorship, financial, workspace, resources, web designer(s), wordpress help, ... would be much appreciated. I live in SW London, UK. You can contact me by email at or call/text me on (+44) (0)7447 907 357

almost 3 years ago

Increase your #product sale with new way of marketing tool of #AugmentedReality and gives the best to buyer to take decision for buying the property when look at the Advertisement in Newspaper or any Magazine.

Play Real time video or display 3D Model or overlay the 3D Animation on the advertisement using #AugmentedReality

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about 3 years ago

Nottingham, UK based music promoter recently passed 13000 followers on twitter

over 3 years ago

Launch your startup idea over a weekend (21-23 November 2014) Oxford Launch Weekend business tickets are sold out but we still have web developer and web designer tickets available plus an excellent line-up of mentors to help you validate your idea and work towards your MVP

over 3 years ago

Oxford Launch Weekend 21-23 November 2014. Tickets just went on sale. Pitch your idea. Meet cofounders. Get help from experienced startup mentors. Work on your MVP. Can you launch in in 48 hours? 21st to 23rd Nov 2014. Venue is the prestigious Said Business School, Oxford University. Early bird discounts available if you book soon

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UK / London based entrepreneurs, I invite you to a talk I am giving
"Start a business without investment. How we started 12 startups without investors."
Tuesday 20th May 2014, 18:30 to 21:15 at Innovation Warehouse, London. Early bird tickets available until 14th May.

about 4 years ago

I'm a tech PR consultant, Software Engineer by Education Technoprenuer, Blogger, Digital Marketing consultant and Technology Evangelist. I'm also the Founder of Softception (, Softception is an IT solutions and technology oriented organization providing wide range of IT and web services to businesses around the world. We provide PR, social media, web development,SEO,Apps Development. I've worked with a number of enterprise technology companies around the world, and I have particular experience working with tech startups.

over 4 years ago

hey guys, we've just opened the beta of the first mobile web app enabling anyone to create free mobile web apps straight in the browser of your smartphone (iOS/android). Check it out ;-)

over 4 years ago

I am hosting a talk "How to start a startup without funding" at the Innovation Warehouse, in London, on 25th March 2014.

This will be an hour and a half of practical advice about how to locate, secure, and motivate the people you need. It offers a detailed overview of what needs to be done, as well as what to avoid, in order to get a business idea turned into reality (without any outside investment).

Tickets here:

More information here:

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New start up for small businesses, entrepreneurs. Document template package for all needs. Save money and time with us. @crunchbdocs

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I am working on an e-learning platform for homeschooling parents to have a new kind of support to supplement the core teachings they offer their kids. Where I live, there is no such communities and the practice does not even seem to be that popular. Therefore, my target audience would be mostly based out in North America, Asia & Europe. My question was: do you know or have you used yourself any tools that would help me reach out to those audience without being physically there to 'go out of the building' and talk to the prospects? If you've been in such a situation, your advice would be welcome. Thanks.

over 4 years ago

We help #startups, small businesses and brands create awesome ad campaigns: online display campaign with standard ad unit, mobile ad units and some targetings. All Budget Fits


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We're a UK start-up that, at last, launched our MVP for L U U V V. Now we need some critical eyes to help us shape the future direction of the product. All StarterPad members welcome; many of you I already know well and I trust your judgement. Please sign up for luuvv and give us your feedback.

over 4 years ago

If you are a UK based entrepreneur or startup you may be interested in a new project I have been working on...

How to start a Startup Without Funding

over 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I am prototyping a online app called want box. I ran a competition for the logo. Please help me out by voting which you like best. Thank you

about 5 years ago
Lucas voted! :)

Any UK developers fancy making mobile / social games? I self funded the development of my first game "directional dash" but looking for a developer who is as passionate about being an indie gamer as I am!

about 5 years ago

If you are in London consider to attend this event to meet a cofounder

about 5 years ago

Hi! i am going to build my communication agency for african market and i need co-founder.
you can contact me :


about 5 years ago

Hi! I've just started - a property finding website for people who want to avoid estate agents and their fees. Please spread the word to anyone you know in the market for property!


about 5 years ago
Trevor Scott Concept is pure genius !!!

UK is going to be the first market for us to sell startup products!
check out our landing page!

about 5 years ago
Trevor Scott Anxiously awaiting your launch

Hi Guys, I have started up last week and it is thriving. Hope you will enjoy it's approach to learning italian

about 5 years ago

Hello Guys! I am organizing a week end dedicated to the creation of new media in London and I am looking for a team to help me build up my event by sprending the good news everywhere!
If you want more info feel free to contact me. For those who will be in the london SW begenining of April i will be there too and some days before so if you wanna have a cup of coffee/tea/beer with me I would be really please to meet you as i will be a londoner soon!

over 5 years ago

Hi all. I am looking for App programmers for both Iphone and Android platforms. We are working on creating Apps to accompany our educational product and method to teach handwriting. Thank you. Mel.

over 5 years ago
Maurice Mattar Hi, if you are looking to outsource your app development get in touch at and we will connect you with app agencies in the UK that match your requirements. Our service is completely free!

Anyone interested in ripping apart myMzone's website - ? Suggestions/feedback/hard hitting comments are very welcome!
In return for your mean findings, we will send you something nice from the local market. :)

over 5 years ago
Vytas Butkevicius Hey! I think it's a little bit annoying when you can't see full title, like Leather Psy Money Belt is written like that: Leather Psy... Do you take those product photos from shops or capture yourself? i think more photoshop would be useful( some products look disheveled). Furthermore, it would be great to be able to refine by size(especially for men stuff). Everything else looks neat. I'm not a professional designer or something else, and its just my opinion. Good luck with marketing!
Ravi Jay Thanks Vytautas! 1) Titles - it is a known problem. We do not have a solution for long titles at the moment. Do you? 2) Images - Most are user generated - see the problem? 3) Refine products - we are on it. Anything else, usability wise? Cheers and Thanks again!

HI. By way of a brief intro - I'm the founder of StreetPin; bringing local pin boards into the digital age. We're launching next month. Going global soon after :)

over 5 years ago
Ravi Jay Nice one! If you need help with user-testing, get in touch. Cheers!

Anyone up for organising a Sunday morning brunch?

over 5 years ago

What kind of things to post here? Here are some suggestions:

* promote your startup
* find co-founders
* find mentors
* find coworking space
* promote events
* arrange offline meetings with likeminded individuals

over 5 years ago
George Makkoulis Hi everyone!
Lucas Hi George!


A group for anyone interested in the UK startup scene


What kind of things to post here? Here are some suggestions: * promote your startup * find co-founders * find mentors * find coworking space * promote events * arrange offline meetings with likeminded individuals


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