How do you as a project creator validate your product or service idea before launching on crowdfunding platforms?

about 4 years ago
@SylviaDziuba Call a couple of potential end users (NOT family or friends), present your product/idea and get some feedback - do this as early as you can, the feedback you receive may save you a lot of time and money during the development stage

What tools should I use to help validate a business idea if I am unable to have face to face interviews with customers?

over 4 years ago
Algirdas Matijosaitis Thanks for question Ibrahima. Can you please describe more detail what is the problem you face.
Ibrahima B. Gabriel Mall The thing is that I am working on an e-learning platform for homeschooling parents to have a new kind of support to supplement the core teachings they offer their kids. Where I live, there is no such communities and the practice does not even seem to be that popular. Therefore, my target audience would be mostly based out in North America, Asia & Europe. My question was: do you know or have you used yourself any tools that would help me reach out to those audience without being physically there to 'go out of the building' and talk to the prospects? If you've been in such a situation, your advice would be welcome. Thanks.
Algirdas Matijosaitis Ok Ibrahima i understand what you mean. Actually we never personally had to face issue like this. But i can say from my past experiences if you are facing issue like this you can always hire a freelance or an agency who can do the research for you to help you validate your business idea.

Because content is the king -

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A great intro video showing you what is Branding

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