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how do one 'search' for groups and friends?
I wanted to join a group of python enthusiasts and found that one has to manually go through all the groups to get there.Is there a search button ?

over 4 years ago

Bug report: on edit profile at select country: Colombia --> appears "Colombi"

over 4 years ago

I want to share ideas with investors, where do I look for it..??

over 4 years ago

How do you get your startup to be trending?

about 5 years ago
Lucas Hey Chris. These positions are decided by admins only at this time. But we are making some other ways to get there!

What is the difference between "Connect" and "Follow"?

over 5 years ago
Lucas The differences between connections and followers are: Connections Can add you to a Startup team - function comes tomorow. Can add you to a Group - soon. Can give you a direct Question using "Ask Your Friends" function - soon. Followers Can read your Posts which are visible to followers. Later will be more differences :)
Scott Smith Thanks!

Hi Lucas, Just got this error sending a message to another user...

"An Internal Error Has Occurred.
Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred."

over 5 years ago
Lucas Thanks Tom! Try to go back and send again. I'm going to check what is happening with it
Tom Cook Hi Lucas, Yes, I already did this (sent again) and found I had then sent a duplicate of the message to the other user. So, although it said there was an error, the system had actually delivered the message. I think I had a similar problem a few weeks ago which you know about already. Regards Tom
Lucas I think I fixed it, but still not sure it was the real problem. So if it happens again, please inform me! I will go deeper in it..

Testing notifications system for group posts! :)

over 5 years ago

Is there a way to add more founders to an existing startup? If not, this would be a great feature.

over 5 years ago
Lucas Tank you Scott. This feature is comming very soon. It is turned down at the moment!
Lucas Finished! Now you can add more founder to your Startup!

Minor thing, but I feel posts / comments should display some sort of time / date information... adds a bit more context.

over 5 years ago
Lucas Thanks @reginatto. I will try to do something about it in the new version!

Me again, with a simple question: any chance the PNG images will be displayed with transparency in a future version ? Currently, just after beeing uploaded, PNG transparent parts are set as black, which is not cool in the groups listing. It seems the image is converted on starterpad's side and the converter behaves badly with transparency.

over 5 years ago
Lucas I caught this problem also. I will try to find something to improve it! Thanks!

Hi starterpad makers, here is my 2cents feedback:

- I miss a simple filter on the groups/starters/startups page. Eg. a simple "input text" where I would type "feed" and only the groups/starters/... containing this string in their name will show up, hiding others. Control-F currently does the job in chrome/ffox, but this assumes all entries from the current list are on screen, which will not always be the case I presume.
- Whenever I close the starterpad tab in my browser more than (estimated) half-a-day, I must re-login. This is annoying. Any chance we get a "stay connected" checkbox.
- On the home, the login / signup buttons are at the bottom, on starters/groups/etc its in the top navbar. A little consistency would help. I vote for the top navbar, more quickly reachable, as the main content is only accessible when we are logged on.

I really like the current simplicity of this webapp. I could find many things missing, but as of the current version I can already communicate with people and the profile page can hold enough information. Congrats !

over 5 years ago
Olivier Cortès wow, sorry for the bad layout. I can add "I wished the textareas understand markdown", because writing in markdown is fairly natural, at least for paragraphs and lists.
Lucas Thanks for your response Oliver. We will realise some of your ideas in next StarterPad version very soon! It is nice to hear that you leave open StarterPad for all day :) All your ideas are clear at the moment, we will see what we can do about each of them!
Olivier Cortès You're welcome. Actually I don't "let it open" whole day, but I enjoy using it and come back from time to time in the week. Compared to other services and interfaces, it's quite neat. I really enjoy the simplicity. Keep up the good work!
Lucas Thanks Olivier! I hope soon here will be enough useful information to leave it open the whole day :)

Hi, maybe you could move the Add new post to the top? Now you have to scroll all the way down and it takes time (haha) if there are a lot of posts. Also I have noticed another thing, when I press "Show More" link (on the excerpts of the posts) it shows the whole post for a second or two and then the page refreshes. Is it just me? I'm using Firefox 17.0

over 5 years ago
Lucas Thanks Paul! True, we will move field for a new post to the top. After I fix the second issue, I'll ask you to try it again :)
Lucas Could you check how it works now? Thanks!

I'm not sure if this an issue, or just me doing something wrong.

When I click on links in the StarterPad Morning Mail, I am taken to another site, not to StarertedPad.

This link...
"Lucas West commented on your post in StarterPad Feedback"

...tries to take me to this page (I see this if I hover on the link)...

which Firefox "helpfully" translates (adds a "www" and ".com" to the URL) into to this link...

I am reading my email in using Firefox (16.0.1)

over 5 years ago
Lucas Thanks again Tom! Something went wrong with prefixes. Fixed! :)

Starterpad beta2.

Opera (12.10)

Starters Page

The "Role" and "Skills" links appear underneath the list of starters.

(This does not happen in Firefox (16.0.1) or Chrome (23.0.1271.64) - where they display correctly on the right)

over 5 years ago
Lucas Fixed!
Tom Cook Ah, that looks better!

Starterpad beta2.

External links, on posts, no longer work.

In the beta1 version of StarterPad, when you included a link in your post e.g. it would automatically become a clickable link. In beta2 they are just displayed as text.

The above is true in Firefox, Opera, and Chrome

over 5 years ago
Lucas This has been made by Thomas, I removed it accidently :) I'm going to fix it...
Lucas Fixed!

Starterpad beta2.

Firefox 16.0.1 - two issues

1. Problem with "Read more" on a post.

Clicking "Read more" on a post, opens the post, but only for a few seconds. Then it closes again.

This does not happen in Opera (12.10) or Chrome (23.0.1271.64)

2. Link colours on posts are grey, not blue

The colour of links on posts, e.g. someone's name "Lucas West" and e.g. "read more" "show less", appear coloured grey instead of blue

Those links are coloured blue in Opera (12.10) or Chrome (23.0.1271.64)

over 5 years ago
Tom Cook Sorry - that should be "show more" (not "read more") I also just discovered that on the StarterPad Feedback Group page (yes, this page), when clicking on "show more", it opens the post for a few seconds, then closes it, and then you are taken to the Home Page of StarterPad. This happens only in Firefox 16.0.1 (Opera and Chrome do not do this)
Lucas 2. problem solved. 1. problem still waiting for best solution

Perhaps a field in a member's profile for linking to their Google+ profile?

over 5 years ago
Lucas Thanks. We will add it! And as Malachai asked, GitHub link will be added too.
Tom Cook It's good to help the site eveolve - thanks for listening
Tom Cook *evolve

I am just wondering if in the "Messages" section, the messages you have with each person, should have the latest message at the top (rather than the bottom)?

For example if I am talking to "John Doe" and we have 50, 100, 200 messages that we have excha

over 5 years ago
Tom Cook Oh dear, there seems to be a limit on postings - my post has been truncated!?
Lucas Thanks for feedback, Tom! I will try to add some ajax to private messages section. Latest messages will be hidden until "show more" is clicked. Sorry for cutting your post. We found a mistake doing mysql field as "tinytext", I extended it to "text", now it is unlimited! :)
Tom Cook Perfect, thanks

Love this site so far, great job guys! Perhaps you can add a place to link to GitHub in our profiles?

almost 6 years ago
starteris123 Malachai, thanks for a positive feedback, it's a great motyvation for us :) We will add GitHub link in members profiles!

Hey guys, nice job so far; I love the look and feel of it :)

One big request: please switch to https only, or at least make it an option?

almost 6 years ago
Lucas Thank you, Colin! :) We will have https very soon!

Good job folks! One small feature request: what if I want to add more than one startup? Currently I am able to add only one?

almost 6 years ago
Lucas Thank you Ameet! Everyone can add only 1 startup in this beta version, but you will be able to add more startups soon!

You are welcome to suggest new features and discuss about Starterpad platform here!

almost 6 years ago
starteris123 And don't forget about any bugs you have noticed :)
Paulius Rimavicius Hi guys, first of all then you send a notification letter, please include some kind of link to the actual content. And this comment box should expand a few lines, now my small comment does not fit...
starteris123 Thank you, Paulius! We have decided to attach a direct link to notifications, so you will avoid a confusion in notification links. Because once you have clicked on notification, you will go to see all notifications again anyway. And of course, we will expand these textareas! :)


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