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Great tool for startups to find local talent and get some help. Almost ready to launch now:

almost 3 years ago

Build a playground to experiment with Rails quickly and easily:

over 3 years ago

Looking for an experienced technical cofounder to engineer a scalable social media platform for events. Contact me for more details.

almost 4 years ago

About Project

StartupLeap is the network for you to prepare your Startups for Crowdfunding or Angel funding. Build hype and buzz around your Startup when you connect with other users and add them to your team either as temporaries or permanent members of your team. Let the entire network give you a hand shaping your Startup and building the trust to leap the way you wanted.

We are seeking for
RoR Developer

What we offer
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Remember this project has not been funded yet and we are not looking for those who can get only the job done. So if you want to invest your time knowledge and skills with us and you are passionate on what you do. To build something amazing you can contact us to found out more about us and the project.

Email: [email protected] or skype: matijosaitisa

Algirdas Matijosaitis

over 4 years ago

New project is looking to hire or partner up with great people who knows and loves RoR. If you want to dig more about this project you can contact me anytime at Skype: matijosaitisa or email: [email protected]

Looking forward

over 4 years ago

Any developer who wants to work in startup? You can be a beginner... Be free to contact me :)

over 4 years ago

We are still looking for hands on Programer in our team. For a brand new Social Marketing project. For further details pm us at [email protected]. Thank You, and have a nice day.

about 5 years ago

Need Front-End / UI Developer

Looking for a creative Front-End / User Interface Developer to join our team as a Co- Founder. We are an early stage start-up of a location-based social network platform for global brands. This is a great opportunity for the right person to be a part of something big and play an integral role in the development and launch of this company.

The ideal person must have a very strong knowledge and understanding of modern web-based UI development and experience using Ruby on Rails. Must possess passion for intuitive designs and understand how technology is used by end users. This is an equity based offer.

Interested candidates must send a resume with a brief email introduction (preferably with links to previous work) to [email protected] dot com

about 5 years ago

Mailcatcher is an good gem for testing mails in the development environment Checkit out at

over 5 years ago
@jurgelenas Nice!

What is your favorite ruby gem? I believe mine is better_errors. Check it! :)

over 5 years ago


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