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My site uses Node - what do you guys think?

about 3 years ago

HuntForce is HIRING

Chief Architect
1-3% Equity
Full Benefits
Relocation Assistance

Looking for an experienced Web Application Architect, with extensive experience in Architecture, Deployment and Launch of large-scale web sites.

As the Web Application Architect you will be an integral member of the company, leading the technical arm of the company. You will architect future large-scale Internet and analytical capability and help improve platform services, as well as analyze current platforms to identify areas of improvements and leverage your expertise to assist the development staff.

Will be responsible for:

Hands-on leadership of internal development teams to design and implement platform services to support future product lines, create feature enhancements, architecture, deployment and launch of large-scale web sites within a IaaS environment.

Hands-on leadership of the development, architecture, deployment, launch and continued operations of HuntForce's large-scale web site and future product lines. (Web-based, mobile and thick-client)

Leading initiatives with third-parties as needed for integration of solutions such as payment gateways, taxation services, email, and customer/community support

Desired Skills & Experience

Minimum 7-10yrs of Web based enterprise system design, development and software development experience, including experience within an IaaS or SaaS environment REQUIRED

Minimum of 7-10yrs experience in Web-centric system design or architectures developing and architecting applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web-centric open source development stacks is REQUIRED

Minimum of 7-10yrs experience in profiling web-based applications and providing design & implementation improvements to help tune applications for optimal performance is REQUIRED

Minimum of 3yrs experience with large-scale data caching and persistence solutions, examples include Memcached, Redis, and/or MongoDB is REQUIRED

Minimum of 3yrs experience working with NoSQL and BigData technology stacks, including Hadoop, Map/Reduce, and/or Hive, is REQUIRED

Recent experience with Node.js / Express is PREFERRED

Experience with Backbone.js is PREFERRED

Interest in hunting is PREFERRED

over 4 years ago

Any developer who wants to work in startup? You can be a beginner... Be free to contact me :)

over 4 years ago
Richard Udeh DE Rothschild Am a beginner

Node.js en producción (sin que te despidan)

about 5 years ago

Hey everyone, check out mongo-join: simple document joins for MongoDB in Node.js.

over 5 years ago

Visual feed of quantum random numbers built using node.js/express/ Wrote and deployed this in 3 hours early this morning based on my existing node modules and Enjoy!

over 5 years ago

Hello guys! We're building Hppy ( ) with NodeJs and MongoDB. If you're ever stuck with Node you can contact me.

over 5 years ago

Yahoo says: "We scale with node.js" That is probably one of the best informations about node (product side), so many people requesting benchmarks of node.. Linkedin and Yahoo approves this topic.

over 5 years ago

Released this week -- makes it easy to send money to your users via Dwolla (like we do in our online marketplace). They wrote about it on their blog here: Hope it's helpful!

over 5 years ago

Hi all, check out It's a turnkey starting point for node web apps based on a express / jade / / bootstrap / mongo / redis / passport stack. What you see on the site is what you get when you run the code.
It's not a framework, but rather a forkable starting point with boilerplate and wiring taken care of already to jumpstart a new project. It's a ready-to-deploy solution (running on Heroku with all free add-ons requiring minimal config). I've been doing this solo up till now in my spare time, have lots more in mind, and would love feedback and/or pull-requests. You can fork it at
I'm planning on updating the blog with further how-tos, but you can just fill in the blanks in the config files and deploy straight to Heroku. I'm using a totally free stack on Heroku with the following add-ons: MongoLab, RedisToGo, and SendGrid.



over 5 years ago

I'm so happy to see Node.js group here! ;)

over 5 years ago
Tom Cook Me too. We are using Node.js with MongoDB in one of our startups
Chris Bumgardner Nice, what kind of project?
Tom Cook - a site that will allow people to correct mistakes they find on the Internet
Chris Bumgardner Very interesting idea. Sort of like the github pull request model, but for web content and crowd sourced?

Anyone going to the Node.js DevOps Meetup ( on 12/18 at Joyent? Should be cool.

over 5 years ago

Here's a presentation I gave at Klout's HQ back in April on the stack I used to build - I've learned a lot since but might be interesting still:

over 5 years ago

What have you built with node.js? I built on node/express/jade/mongo/redis/solr earlier this year. More recently as a fun aside I created as an open-source starting point for node-based web apps, and as a fork of node-boot to let people share cool code they've written. I've open sourced a few other things on my github site in node (such as an SMS textbot that responds to Javascript SMS messages, and a quantum random number generator Also programmed an AR drone copter using the awesome node-ar-drone mostly just crashed though ;)

over 5 years ago


You know who you are


All things node. Especially interested in new trends, industry adoption, technologies and products built on node.js.


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