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Hi. We are looking for someone proficient in building e-commerce platforms (web and mobile – iOS and Android).
It is for a subscription fee marketplace store.
Please get in touch via *email [email protected]
There is a mixture of payment and equity exchange.
We are based in Gauteng South Africa

3 months ago

Hi everyone, i am looking for genuine mobile/software developers that will work with me on a web/mobile app idea for equity. The idea involves ecommerce, payments, geo-location, and chat. I currently have some investors interested from

over 2 years ago

Great tool for startups to find local talent and get some help. Almost ready to launch now:

almost 3 years ago
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What new mobile apps are you guys currently working on?

about 3 years ago
Apptifred Right now we are working on our privacy protected positioning app PingYou for Android. Already available for iPhone. Does it sound like a contradiction; positioning and privacy? Yes, normally it is. But since we have developed an awarded "positioning dialog" technology and combine that with ephemeral thinking, like Snapchat; we achieve the possibility to find your friends without leaking data onto social networks, eavesdropping agencies or similar. And you know what, PingYou is also a fully functional demo of, so we post the complete source code on GitHub.
Rodrigue Jm Tusse hey apptifred. cool idea. And I think you should protect your proprietary positionning tech
Kane That sounds really cool, Apptifred!
Apptifred @Rodrigue I understand your point, but we believe strongly in privacy and we want everyone to fork our tech, that's why (most of it) is now open source.

Intelisoles are a new technology coming to the wearable devices market. Interested?

Looking forward to connect with you and have your valuable feedbacks.

almost 4 years ago

Hey guys, check out our mobile web app to create... mobile web apps. #html5 properly executed ;-) Give it a try. Looking forward to your adsy apps.

about 4 years ago

Hey everyone .! can you guys help me with what will be best way to earn from a free android app , we are at final stage of development

almost 5 years ago
Deepansh what exactly you looking from app
Karmen Email me so we can discuss [email protected]

We developed one mobile app, useful for decorating home. After decorating your home, you can share this to Facebook,twitter & send to other friends through Mail. We launched StrApp you Tube channel and added the Application video. Check this link:

almost 5 years ago

Need Front-End / UI Developer

Looking for a creative Front-End / User Interface Developer to join our team as a Co- Founder. We are an early stage start-up of a location-based social network platform for global brands. This is a great opportunity for the right person to be a part of something big and play an integral role in the development and launch of this company.

The ideal person must have a very strong knowledge and understanding of modern web-based UI development and experience using Ruby on Rails. Must possess passion for intuitive designs and understand how technology is used by end users. This is an equity based offer.

Interested candidates must send a resume with a brief email introduction (preferably with links to previous work) to [email protected] dot com

about 5 years ago

Hello Group,

I would like to introduce my startup HuntForce is changing the way that hunters interact with their trail cameras. Please have a look and let me know your thoughts!


over 5 years ago

I'm looking for an iOS/Android developer to help me on some project. Let me know

over 5 years ago
kartheeswaran Im an iOS,Android developer. Send me your details on [email protected]
Abdul Rehman contact me at [email protected] for Android development
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Hey, sports & IT project - SMASH IT is looking for Android, UX/UI mobile devices developers. If you are interested in encouraging project, please send me your feedback! Ruta

over 5 years ago
kartheeswaran Im working as an iOS,Android developer. Send me detail to [email protected]
Abdul Rehman contact me at [email protected] for Android development

Hey guys. I'm looking for iOS developer. I have a great & simple idea for mobile app and awesome designer to design it!

over 5 years ago
Ameet Patil Would be very keen to help. Let me know if you are still looking for someone strong who delivers on time.

Hello everyone,

My name is Michael Jacobs and I'm a 20 year old student entrepreneur. I recently released an iPhone all that simplifies the way people network. SociaLink allows two people with the app to friend or follow each other instantly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Check out the instructional video below and download it for free!



over 5 years ago
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some tips for iOS devs who are starting today:

over 5 years ago
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This shall be the best group at StarterPad.

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