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Increase your #product sale with new way of marketing tool of #AugmentedReality and gives the best to buyer to take decision for buying the property when look at the Advertisement in Newspaper or any Magazine.

Play Real time video or display 3D Model or overlay the 3D Animation on the advertisement using #AugmentedReality

For Demo & Access the Augmented Reality Platform, please reach to [email protected].

over 3 years ago

Hi guys, I'm looking for a co-founder on something I've already started designing/developing - it's called Openday, which allows companies to host Open Days and users can book time to visit, maybe to take a course, shadow an employee for the day or just to gain experience in an industry. Please contact me if you'd like to know more!

almost 4 years ago

Nottingham, UK based music promoter recently passed 13000 followers on twitter

almost 4 years ago
Justin Estrada Congrats? I guess

Hello Hustlers,
I am Dylan Feltus, founder of Motiv. We help freelancers and small business manage proposals, contracts, and billing.

Take a look at our app and let me know your thoughts!

over 4 years ago

Good day all,

Is there anyone out there that has financial resources and interest in getting involved in the development and market launch of a new and cool exercise aid?

If so, let me know by email at [email protected]


over 4 years ago

I am working on an interactive e-learning platform for homeschooling parents to have a new kind of support to supplement the core teachings they offer their children. Where I live, there is no such communities and the practice does not even seem to be that popular. Therefore, my target audience would be mostly based out in North America, Asia & Europe. My question was: do you know or have you used yourself any tools that would help me to reach out to that audience without being physically there to 'go out of the building' and talk to the prospects? If you've been in such a situation, your advice would be welcome. Thanks.

over 4 years ago

Hi - this is Himanshi and I want to introduce my advisory/consulting startup.
We help growing financial services and healthcare technology companies who struggle to launch new products and improve their time to profitability and open new markets.

about 5 years ago

You're probably working a full time job and taking your nights to get your startup up and running. Maybe these 18 steps to make more time can help:

over 5 years ago

Hey guys,

Who can take a little bit of time to give us some feedback on Hppy - it's a startup on Happiness Analytics and company feedback.

If you want to join the limited beta you can join at

Thanks in advance!

over 5 years ago

Hello Group,
I would like to introduce my startup HuntForce is changing the way that hunters interact with their trail cameras. Please have a look and let me know your thoughts!

over 5 years ago

Hi there! Miguel Collis here to introduce my new venture, Stasham is a community site for men. It's a place where men can share ideas about products, diy projects, latest fashion and news found around the web. I would love to here peoples thoughts and get some feedback. Also looking for anyone interested in becoming a co-founder. Thanks! BTW you can request an invite here

over 5 years ago
Rodrigue Jm Tusse Hey Miguel, I'm loving the Idea et the UX is there ! Nice Job !

My company, Wikisway needs 150 votes in the next 10 hours. We're competing to have our "commercial" shown at SXSW Interactive-- You have until TONIGHT, March 4th at 11:59 pm CST to vote. Could you please vote and spread the word on all of your social media? The people who mobilize the most folks in their networks will get a Wikisway tshirt or ipad cover-- just be sure to send me a list of your friends who voted!

TWEET & get your friends to vote too:


over 5 years ago

I am Praveen, Founder of, a new place online for enthusiastic people like you to share your ideas and thoughts with one another.

We are reinventing the social experience online in a way that encourages productive thought than passive consumption and lazy sharing. The idea is to put your thoughts and you in context of other similar ideas and equally passionate people. We all love those conversations when we meet some one interesting and Talkonomy is all about recreating that experience online and keeping you close to the conversations you love.

Please check us out when you are free and let us know how we are doing.

We are looking for partners to spread the word and bring interesting people in. Interested?

Talkonomy -

over 5 years ago

I am Saul, the founder of, co-founder of, and partner in WE NEED 2 people to join our bootstrapped RiteTag, both with php and mysql skills. We are in our second iteration, live and working well, and want to do far more with it. Please connect in G+, message me to hangout and learn where we are, where we're going, and what a partner position with RIteTag could do for your career. Google+: RiteTag lets you search words to get hashtags that reach topic-following people, those interested in your blog posts, videos, artwork, photographs, and even offers in eBay and Amazon, shows you the when, who, how many times, and what in the content that has been tagged with a tag related to your query, and lets you do a few more things as well.

over 5 years ago

Hello everyone,
My name is Michael Jacobs and I'm a 20 year old student entrepreneur. I recently released an iPhone all that simplifies the way people network. SociaLink allows two people with the app to friend or follow each other instantly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Check out the instructional video below and download it for free!

over 5 years ago

Hello everybody! We're building a tool for small teams and companies to assess employee happiness levels. We're launching a limited beta very soon and I was curious if any founder would like to try it with his team? If so, please sign up at

I would happily give out lifetime free codes by the way if you're happy with the product when it launches.

over 5 years ago
Ryan White Looks cool! I'll take it for a spin
George Teiosanu Thanks Ryan! If you're signed up you'll receive a code the following weeks so it will be lifetime free.

Hi - any of you use Crunchbase? We've built a CB visualization tool and are looking for beta testers - would love to hear from you. We're doing all our VC research while out fundraising and think it'll be helpful to other cofounders.

over 5 years ago
SanthoshTuppad Hey Kate, Are you still looking for beta testers?

Hey everyone! What's the scrappiest hustle you've used to get customers/investors?

over 5 years ago


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