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Hi. We are looking for someone proficient in building e-commerce platforms (web and mobile – iOS and Android).
It is for a subscription fee marketplace store.
Please get in touch via *email [email protected]
There is a mixture of payment and equity exchange.
We are based in Gauteng South Africa

3 months ago

In your experience, what customer attraction tools helped you finding real, returning customers?
To add, it would be very interesting to hear about your eCommerce business opening experience - did you get what you expected, how did you cope with unexpected problems when opened?

over 5 years ago
Vytenis Pakenas I would say it is not the way how you attract the customer, but how you deal with him. Or don`t mix terms of a customer and of a visitor :) Customers (including the potential ones) buy/registers/asks for some info. And in most cases you attract visitors, not the customers . At least this is happening to me :)
Ravi Jay I agree with Vytenis on that count. Although, I see from myMzone (on balance) a visitor who comes back to the website (as a result of social re-marketing) ends up being a customer first and then returns to be a shopper (as a result of email+social re-marketing).

Hello everyone.

over 5 years ago
Vytenis Pakenas Hello Kimberley :0

The Christmas period has ended. How did it go for you with the online sales? Did the numbers increased as expected? What kind of growth value, comparing with f.e. September did you reach? For us it was ~50% growth :)

over 5 years ago
Tadas Pupinis Thats really nice. Congrats :)

So do you have any concerns, questions related with the eCommerce?

over 5 years ago
Tadas Pupinis I would like to know your opinion about, lets say the best niche to start eCommerce project today?
Vytenis Pakenas The answer is easy - in the field you understand best :)

Ok, the real deal: discounts in the e-commerce - when it is practical to use them, when it is not? In your oppinion?

almost 6 years ago
Tadas Pupinis I think it is best to use discounts when you can forecast a huge flush of purchases. Like when its X-mas comming or something like that.
Ravi Jay 1) When you want to get rid of stock. 2) To gain a few customers quickly. 3) To gain a 'buzz' on social channels.


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