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Derrick Lee
Web Designer & Developer
Singapore, Singapore


    Current position
    Director at Kudos Watch Co.
    While I was still studying in 2010, I started my own freelance web design services to support myself in terms of allowance. In early 2012 after graduation, I started selling fitness and home gym equipments online.

    I'm done with college and I'm actively involved in a Watch Company (Kudos Watch Co.) as the director and technical partner.

    Other than my strong interests in business development as an IT student, my passion lies greatly in helping animals. I am actively involved as a volunteer in a local animal shelter.
    Looking for
    Partners (Business Development, Web Development) for a new startup
    I want to join a new Startup
    I can join as a Co-Founder and Technical Partner.
    Value I can add
    I have various technical skills and marketing skills.
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