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Darrin Dickey
Digital and Graphic Communications / Marketing
United States, Murfreesboro


Current position
Creative Services Specialist
I've done lots of things, but it boils down to this:
- Marketing – I love marketing. I’ve studied and practiced it in some form or fashion for the last 10 years. Even in jobs that weren’t categorized as “marketing” jobs, I’ve tried to push them into marketing and keep learning it. I have done print production, copywriting (for print, web and radio), graphic design, website development, marketing strategy, HTML emails and created print and web ads. While I’ve had no “professional” experience with social media, I’m probably one of the most active social media users you’ll find. I explore it simply to see how it works and what people/companies are doing with it.

- Management – I was the assistant manager of a fast food restaurant for a number of years.

- Customer Service – both retail and corporate

- Project Management – I don’t love it, but I can do it well.

- Retail Sales – If I love the product, I can sell it.

- Shipping & Fulfillment

I've bootstrapped two small startups, but neither one took off. I learned quite a bit from doing them though.

I have years of marketing experience. I can (and usually do) dream big. I am discovering I’m good at looking at products and operations and seeing where the customer experience can be improved. (This is something I assumed was natural for everyone, but have learned it’s not.) I’m good at looking at the big picture, but then breaking it down into manageable pieces to tackle. I have experience with web development (mostly PHP, HTML, XHTML). I’m not afraid to just jump in and do what needs to be done. If I don’t know how, I’ll learn. I’ve done that A LOT!
I want to join a new Startup
I would like to be a Co-Founder. But I don't really have conditions. Just want to be part of making something cool.
Value I can add
I have marketing skills, some design and web development skills as well. I'm great at learning new skills.
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