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Cyprian Francis
United States, Chicago


Current position
CEO at
Initially began a career in Finance, Trading and Professional Investing, which later turned into Marketing of Financial Products.

I then began working on a number of my own projects through BFG Marketing LLC, a Marketing Firm I Founded. Through there I built and sold a number of projects.

Most recently I served as an ecommerce associate in helping run the Official Online Store for the Chicago Bears, and now help manage online content for LightBank Start-Up Poggled and New Social Branding Company Tagkast.

Specialties: Graphic Design, Analytics, Marketing, Film, Directing, Commercials, Promotions, Branding, Web Design, Social Networking, Account Management, Business Development, Inside Sales.
Looking for
Web Developers, Angel Investors, Mentors
I want to join a new Startup
Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
Value I can add
Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, Product Design
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