If you’re looking for Facebook growth, read this.

It’s common knowledge that Facebook marketing is one of the best avenues to market your business. But how do you get more legitimate Likes, from real people, on your page? In order to provide entrepreneurs with a boost to their Facebook Page popularity, a large number of “fake Likes” companies appeared. Basically, you pay some money to increase the number of Likes on your Facebook Page, but these are typically from ghost accounts (ie not real people). What happens though is that you end up having a new problem: many Page Likes and very few post Likes.  Then of course there’s also the likelihood of Facebook noticing these fake Likes and removing them, or somehow penalizing your account…

Liftoff SocialKeeping this problem in mind, Liftoff Social offers a unique and highly effective service. Instead of buying Facebook Likes, you can get the real thing just as cheap. What this awesome company does is optimize Facebook Ads, by using Facebook’s advertising engine to get you real Likes instead of fake ones.

This video does a great job explaining how it works:

When you buy fake Likes from other companies, it’s quite common to end up losing those Likes. That happens because buying fake Likes is not Facebook-approved (it actually violates their rules), and Facebook can track the fake Likes later on and delete them. You won’t have to worry about that with Liftoff’s services. Their Likes will come from real people who are truly interested in your page.

If you’re not so sure yet about why it’s so important to have so many Page Likes, let me ask you something: haven’t you ever judged a post or page by its number of Likes? If you visit a Facebook page and it has less than a thousand likes, you’ll probably think that it isn’t very relevant. But if it has over 5,000 Likes, well, you’ll feel like it’s a pretty big deal. That’s why having a ton of likes could be the missing piece of the puzzle with your business’s marketing efforts.

Maybe you’re still a little apprehensive about what Liftoff is offering, so here’s some info you should know:

1) They have a legacy

For many years, Liftoff has worked with famous agencies to grow their businesses on Facebook. Which means that many big companies or artists that you know – ones that have been listed on Billboard or Fortune 500 – have already been helped by Liftoff’s Facebook service.

2) Their work has been recognized

On June 2014, Inc. magazine’s cover was on a high-profile company, mentioned as “The Startup That Conquered Facebook”. And guess who was behind that monstrous growth? Yep, Liftoff Social.

3) They can work in every industry

Your business might be a small one, or maybe you’re a blogger/vlogger, or even an artist. Perhaps a politician, an advertising agency or a large company. Name the field, it’s likely they’ve already worked with other companies in it.

On Liftoff’s website you can find many plans to best fit your Facebook Page and budget, according to the number of Likes you’re aiming for. The plans prices go from $19 to $625, suiting all budgets. You can also choose whether you want a worldwide campaign, having Likes from across the globe, or a US-only campaign.

So what are you waiting for?  Instead of buying Facebook Likes, get the real thing just as cheaply at LiftoffSocial.com.

Debora Vilarinhos

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