Work Well and Study Well

No one is surprised by the fact that undergraduate students combine work with study. Sometimes this choice is dictated by the need: you have to pay for your education, bills or financially help the family. But most of the time youngsters just want to be considered adults in society, and do not want to ask their parents for pocket money.

The reason why you decided to start working before graduation from university is not that important, one thing is considerable: you have to successfully cope with both work and study, and most importantly – one should not interfere with the other.

Do not look only “for students” offers

If you are studying in a higher educational institution, you are acquiring the profession you like and which you are planning to follow in building a career. Why waste precious time, doing quite a distant occupation? Avoid making profits from small jobs and try to find a job related to your future occupation.

It may seem to you that you are not competitive enough, and you cannot even aim that high. Those feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt should be nipped in the bud. Otherwise, you will live with them all your life – both in your student years and after finishing the university.

It’s time to start learning the basics of the profession in practice. Feel free to look for vacancies in your professional field, and let you not be confused with the infinite number of skills and stipulations required for “higher vocational education” and “working experience at a similar position from one year.”

Get a job in the summer

The first working month will be one of the most difficult for you. You need to get used to new responsibilities and join the team. You are free from classes, exams, tests during summer so that you can devote your time entirely to work.

If possible, try to get a job in the summer. You will save a bunch of your nerves, which you will need in autumn when studying routine starts. The best idea is to become one of the vikings research paper writers, as it will definitely improve your skills.

Do not miss working chances at university

At university, you will be passing practice in enterprises, and if you approve yourself as a diligent person, you will be invited to work and offered a decent paycheck.

Sometimes the enterprises themselves send a request to the university asking them to advise the talented students to hire. Mind this option and think it over before making refusal.


Combining different activities can be challenging, especially if they are work and education. Occupation can help you start saving money, and simultaneously can take a lot of your free time, which you may dedicate to improving your studying to get better marks.

From the very beginning, you should understand what is more important for you and what you will refuse if circumstances force you to make a choice.

Plan your routine

Once you found an extra job, it’s time to revise your routine and dedicate an equal amount of time to important activities. Take up planning habit and schedule your day.

Don’t forget that health (both physical and mental) is one of our most valuable irreplaceable resources, and if it worsens, you will no longer be up to work or study. Set yourself a deadline: no work or studying after 23:30. Read a book, go for a night run or just do whatever you like to rest well.

At first, it will be difficult for you to finish all the tasks by a certain date, but over time, you will get used to and benefit: you will sleep, rest and find out how not to delay your work tasks and university papers.

You can stop at any time

You did not sign the labor contract in blood. No one has chained you to the desk at the university. It is your life, and you have the power to give up everything that you think is unnecessary and burdensome at any time.

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