Why So Many Pest Control Start Ups Fail

Thousands of people have started a pest control business, and then ultimately fail. It is one of the most difficult industries go make a flourishing business work. But why?

Firstly, have you looked in your local telephone book or carried out a quick internet search and seen at how many competitors there are on the market in London? The secrets of successful emergency pest control companies are often kept close to the chest in the industry, but there are 3 key reasons why your start up may have failed.

You’re starting off on the wrong foot

When most people start a pest control business, they go about it in an old fashioned way. You can get your license, buy a van and equipment and then run a yellow pages ad. Then sit back and wait for the phone to ring. When it doesn’t, many start ups turn to direct mail companies, local newspapers and the cycle goes on. This all amounts in a lot of money being spent, with no positive results to be seen.

The pest control industry is saturated with companies, and the competition is strong. Trying to break into an industry when you have no experience, no unique selling point and no marketing know-how means you are more and more likely to fail as a start up.

The old-fashioned ways don’t work anymore

The pest control industry has moved into the new area, and technology is everywhere. No one uses the yellow pages anymore. It’s all about internet searches and reputation. If you don’t have the great word of mouth that can be generated from loyal customers online, it can be difficult to succeed as a pest controller.

If you want to succeed as a start up in any business, you have to create a monster marketing machine that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will let people in the market know that you are the only pest controller they should be calling. So by relying on old-fashioned methods, you aren’t going to be able to utilise the technology at your fingertips to grow a successful business.

You’re playing by the old rules

An average pest control company will sell around 5 bed bug jobs per months. Some months are better than others, but it’s still around 60 per year in smaller areas. In cities like London, the market is a lot bigger, but there is also a lot more competition. Clients want to come to you because you have the best knowledge and skills to get the job done properly and at a cost-effective rate.

Here are the 4 major parts of a pest control business start up you need to put in place if you want it to make some money.

  • Have a business that is based on your experience and skill set. Make sure you have the right knowledge to go into this business. You need the right training to be able to get your clients trust.
  • Make sure your marketing is in place and the machine can run smoothly. Hire an expert if you’re not a marketing whizz.
  • Build a client base that is local, loyal and will spread good word of mouth.
  • Outdo your competition by offering a better service at great prices.

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