Why E-Commerce Store Owners Should Aim to Constantly Re-engage with their Customers

Owning, running and retaining an E-Commerce store is hard work. Like every other business, it relies on steady income, brand recognition and a really good understanding of the industry. Whilst many stores are now also online as well as existing physically, E-Commerce stores rely on active online shoppers in order to succeed more than usual shops do.

The realm of online shopping is becoming larger and larger each business year which means that there is both a demand for E-Commerce stores and a demand for online shoppers to buy from these stores. Due to the saturated market of both online and physical shops selling retail products, competition is vicious and it’s important to bear in mind that how you market, brand, sell and advertise yourself is now more important than ever for gaining customers and retaining customers. Retaining and re-engaging with customers as a physical brand is sometimes much easier than with an online store due to the fact that the customers going into some physical stores go into them due to geographical convenience – if a shop is round the corner from your house, you are much more likely to just pop into there rather than hunt around for a less convenient alternative.

Due to reasons such as these, some E-Commerce stores believe that attrition is unavoidable and therefore re-engaging is unnecessary. We have teamed up with a creative agency called Eastside Co who specialise in advising E-Commerce stores on how to maintain loyalty in customers and the importance of re-engaging with these customers. Significance Media have given us an insight into the importance of re-engagement strategies for an E-Commerce business.

One major reason to re-engage with previous customers is money. Money is vital for any business and we all know it. E-Commerce businesses get their money through their customers, thus the more customers they have, the more money they have. This means that not only is it really important to bring in new customers, it is also imperative for a successful company to retain customers through means of re-engagement. Re-engagement is also easier than bringing in a new customer as they are already aware of your brand and have been pleased with the products or services in the past. Re-engagement through emails is a great way to remind previous customers of your brand and bring them back.

However, despite this, not all re-engagement is good engagement. Constantly trying to contact previous customers who don’t want to hear it will result in the opposite effect and you could as a result, disengage customers that were once interested in re-visiting. This mistake can come about as a result of not delivering your promise, emailing too often or sending out rubbish content. If this sort of bad quality marketing is the case, a company needs to concentrate on these mistakes, up their game and create interesting content. Significance Media states that this can be achieved through hiring a creative agency.

Some subscriptions are a great way to keep customers loyal as long as the content you send is relevant, you send intriguing offers and you do not email or contact them too often so that it is annoying (as previously stated, that will turn customers away). Some ways of subscription such as entering a competition is also a bad way to build loyalty as the customers subscribing were only interested in the one off offer or competition prize and never intended to be long term customers.

Generally speaking, re-engagement is a fantastic way to keep customers loyal, it’s really worth that marketing effort. The investment in a good re-engagement strategy can be priceless. Retention ads, email campaigns, social media and personalised contact is what makes a successful re-engagement strategy that every E-Commerce business should aim to achieve.

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