Want more fans, followers & most importantly … customers?

Most startups do the same ‘ol thing. They setup the basic social media profiles and pages. You know, the ones that everyone uses:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.  And if your product is visual, maybe Pinterest and Instagram as well. Then they start posting self-promotional updates and hope and pray that people randomly discover their pages and start following them.  This strategy rarely works…

TCMA logoLet me introduce you to the TCMA Social Media Group.  They offer a kickass suite of social media tools that will grow your business, in a safe, natural way.

Here’s some of their tools:

  • Social media management – Manage your existing social accounts, create engaging posts that contain rich content.
  • Reputation monitoring – You can monitor the online buzz about your brand, and respond to any customer or client feedback.
  • Social contests – This is really neat. With this tool you can run sweepstakes via your social media accounts, to help grow your followers as well as your email list.
  • Social shopping carts – Rather than just selling products via your ecommerce site, you can sell directly through your social media channels. How cool is that?
  • Social analytics – Do you currently know what day and time is the best to send a Tweet?  You do now!
  • Social deals – Everyone likes a good deal. TCMA’s platform makes it easy to post deals to your social accounts, converting your current customer base as well as reaching new customers.
TCMA Facebook example
Imagine if this was your company’s Facebook Page!

If you aren’t a social media guru, not to worry, TCMA Social Media Group won’t leave you hanging.  They offer a free assessment of your current state of social media marketing, which includes a complete audit of your strategy as well as advice on what you can improve.  They customize their recommendations to your particular business and industry, so you know you’ll be taken care of.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time spinning your wheels, struggling to grow your followers, and not truly engaging your fans. The social media world is so over-saturated with noise, that you really need to stand out. And TCMA’s extensive suite of tools will help you do just that.

Get your free assessment here:  http://tcmasocialmediagroup.com/assessment

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