Top 7 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Here is our composition of the top 7 tips for new entrepreneurs to help them overcome these challenges and relish the journey a new venture brings.

1. Find the best team for your venture.

Building a perfect team is one of the most daunting challenges any start-up will face. The phenomenon where teams fall apart is the main reason so many new ventures collapse. Many are tempted to assemble with people they enjoy spending time with, but this isn’t the only factor to consider. You also need to find team members who are cooperative, have the same goals, and can brainstorm creatively together without passing judgement.

2. Focus on solutions for the customer

Figure out what problem you are trying to solve for your customer. Ensure this mindset is internalized by all team members, and leverage it to drive every decision you make in your business.

3. Take every opportunity to network

The right connection can result in great rewards. Although the term “networking” can make some cringe due to its seemingly forced nature, it’s a crucial aspect of developing a business. Keep an eye out for events, and try to attend as many as you can. Conferences, talks, or product launches, are a few types of events that would be worth attending.

LinkedIn is a necessary tool to help you participate in the online community. It gives you access to decision makers and allows you to communicate with clients, prospects and potential new hires.

4. Hire a business coach

A good business coach can help to encourage strategic thinking and build confidence as you face the challenges of entrepreneurship. They’ll encourage you to keep persisting when you feel the urge to abandon your venture, and provide valuable guidance.

5. Hire a lawyer

You’ll need to turn to a legal expert in order to effectively manage risk for your business. Legal advice at the beginning of a venture can save you from future financial distress.

6. Commit to exercise

As an entrepreneur, your health is your most important asset. Regular physical exercise is beneficial to your physical and mental health. It can give you a refreshed mindset so you can return to your endeavour with more energy and enthusiasm.

7. Practise effective leadership

Effective leadership is synonymous with positivity. Supervisors who micromanage and wait for opportunities to criticize can cause severe damage to a work environment. Part of positive leadership also involves determining the root cause of a dispute between team members. Is it circumstantial? Has there been a miscommunication? These are most often the causes, and usually miscommunications can be rectified.

These have been our top 7 tips to aid entrepreneurs in their business ventures. Start with considering the best possible team to work with. Next, be mindful of your customers. Never miss an opportunity to network. Get external assistance where you need it: a business coach and a lawyer. Don’t forget about your health, since it’s your most important asset as an entrepreneur. Lastly, be a great leader.

StarterPad Staff

One of the lovely StarterPad staff members has toiled away into the wee hours of the night to write this amazing piece of literature :)