To Do List

To Do or Not to Do! That is the Question

Do you run around with a to do list of hundreds of tasks, striking each one off once it’s done? or are you the kind that just wings it. Taking life easy and just dealing with what is served when it’s served. There are some pros and cons to having a to do list and we’ll try to see both sides.

Organizing your life can help you find more time to do the things you love. Once you’ve completed your tasks, you won’t feel guilt about spending time out having fun.

Completing tasks releases endorphins into the body giving you a rush while you achieve small wins along the way to that audacious goal.

Keeping a list helps you prioritize what’s important. If it’s not important for your goals then push it down the list.

Of course, with all the previous pros, the main disadvantage is the sense of urgency that having a to do list brings. Of course, with urgency comes stress and worry that you may be falling behind on your tasks. So, be careful not to get lured into this vicious circle.

So what tasks should we do? Any task will definitely be in either one of the following four quadrants:

task quadrants

Everything in quadrant one should be automated. These tasks are like paying the electric and water bills. Just go to your online account and schedule recurring payments for these bills. It’s not worth wasting your time.

Our day job usually falls into the second quadrant. A report you need to write up for your Boss. A customer call you need to make or a meeting you need to go to. This is where we’re continuously putting out fires as well as where all the daily stress lies.

Anything in quadrant three should be cancelled completely. Usually these are things like watching TV or updating your social media feed.

Now, long term goals are in the fourth quadrant. These tasks are the most important for our personal and professional growth. Unfortunately, they’re put on the back burner, indefinitely delayed. How long was it since you went to the gym? Did you learn that foreign language that you were intending on learning? How about spending quality time with your family?

Here is where we need to focus our attention to feel that personal fulfillment that all of us are searching for. In the end, it’s not the quantity of tasks that we complete that count but the quality. So what tasks will make it to your to do list?

StarterPad Staff

One of the lovely StarterPad staff members has toiled away into the wee hours of the night to write this amazing piece of literature :)