Tips for Travelling With Your Employees

In your small business or startup, you’re likely going to have to do a lot of travelling while you’re gaining your footing in your industry. Meeting people and making those connections can ultimately determine the future success of your business. It’s important to bring reliable employees with you to create a functioning system and have an outstanding sample of your workforce to allow others to understand the dynamic of your business. When you aren’t already established as a major business, a lot of meetings you’ll have away from your home office will establish your reputation. It’s important that you set the right tone to maximize the productivity of your trip.

Have Ground Rules

Assigning responsibilities appropriately will save you trouble in the long run. Informing each employee what their responsibilities will be once your plane lands will help everything run smoothly from the beginning. Let everyone know what arrangements they’re responsible for making and delegate tasks. Dividing the planning aspects will allow everyone time to get their work done, instead of shifting all of the burdens onto one individual who won’t be able to do much else.

Use the Environment to Your Benefit

Getting feedback from your employees is the best way to help you establish an effective management style. In the confines of the office, employees may be more hesitant to speak up about concerns or offer ideas. The change of scenery may make them feel safer and more confident in their opinions. Applying that feedback as early as possible can help establish a more productive foundation on which your business can grow.

Don’t Be “The Cool Boss”

The friendliness you have with your employees shouldn’t be the same friendliness you have with your closest buddies. Be careful about the decisions you make and the things that you say. If you don’t maintain a level of professionalism, your employees will cease to take you seriously. Don’t allow them to treat a business trip like a vacation in the interest of gaining popularity among them. Relaxing at the end of the day is fine, but daytime is for doing what you came to do.

Manage Finances Carefully

Reinforce the idea that your employees need to make wise decisions to stay within the budget. If you throw your budget out there and break everything down into a maximum allowance, that’s how much they’ll spend. Throwing a number out there may cause them to perceive it as a goal instead of a cap. Knowing that you’re trying to keep costs minimal instead of what is the max you can cover, they’ll be more inclined to be thrifty when possible if they know they shouldn’t be eating up so much of the budget with lavish meals and costly entertainment.

Model Expected Behaviour

Just as it goes in the workplace, your employees are looking up to you. They’re trying their best to meet the standards you’ve established. If you’re punctual, dressed appropriately, and handling yourself with tact, they’ll feel more inclined to follow suit. They’ll be counting on you to set the tone, and much of communication is non-verbal.

If you’re worried things may go awry, don’t drink alcohol in front of your employees. They’ll feel more inclined to drink if they know you’re drinking too. If you do drink, limit yourself to a single drink to send the message. If you’re worried that everyone will become distracted and start goofing off, present yourself in a serious manner. Actions speak louder than words.

Will Norquay

Will Norquay is a frequent business traveller who shares his experiences and thoughts writing for Stayz. Stayz is Australia’s #1 holiday rental website.