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Tips for Good Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are growing with a great pace in the business world and so is the demand for quality explainer videos. These videos are greatly utilized for marketing and publicizing the services or any kind of commodities among the public. These videos not only serve as an economic alternative, they are also made in such a way that they attract the audience at one glance.

But not all explainer videos succeed in getting a huge chuck of audience to watch them. There are various factors that affect the quality of the video and further, the services that the video is supposed to publicize.


Most importantly, the quality of an explainer video can be determined by its script. It works as the foundation of the video and it should be ensured that the script fulfils all necessary requirements that will make the video more attractive and it is best if a person, who could research everything about that particular company as well as the product to be marketed, writes the script as he is the only person who will have an idea about what needs to be included in the video that attracts more attention.


Next is the duration and extent of complexity of the video production. The videos that get more attention are short and to the point, i.e. very simple. The video should not include any kind of technicalities that the common audience would not comprehend. There is no point bragging about the technicalities when the audience cannot understand them plus it even saves some time duration in the video and the benefits of the products and services can be the best choice to fulfil that space.

Voice Over

Also, when it comes to the background narration in the video, a professional voice should always be preferred. The voice is referred to as professional when it has proper intonation and it should be able to generate curiosity among the viewers of the video. Along with this, the video should be very entertaining as it will be viewed by a large range of audience from, working moms to the CEOs and everyone loves being entertained.

Considering the appearance of the video, the visuals should be given some focus so that it looks professionally made and should appear flawless. In addition to these visuals, incorporating some music in the video will attract a lot of audience.


Finally, when it’s time to launch the video among the public, the video should be thoroughly tested by the authorities of the company and if considered great enough to be released among the public, should be launched to complete its purpose.

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