Tips For Creating a Cool Office

One of the big shifts in recent times has been the change in the way we design our offices. In fact, the changes have been monumental.

Having a cool office can help with creativity, help your employee’s morale and also attract the right people. Here are some good tips on how to do this:

Design Your Office For Efficiency

The space available in most offices is shrinking. This has forced many companies to seek options that can maximize space, these can include desk-sharing, telecommuting, non-hierarchical planning and benching (setting rows of desks together in a bench-like pattern). Technology has made it possible for these solutions to work, which is why they have grown in popularity. From a real estate perspective, the benefits are tangible. As space grows denser, companies need to ensure the mechanical system in their office space can meet their needs because the indoor climate can have a significant impact on the productivity and health of employees.

Support Different Working Styles

It’s important to create a sense of community within your office. However, you want to recognize that each individual has needs. It’s important to establish in your design an area for socializing or working over a snack, a meal or coffee. This is a common element in top-notch company offices. It’s not possible for some people to think or do things in a room full of people. Some people need quiet, alone time to be productive. In order to find this balance, you need to offer a number of spaces within the office work environment that can meet the needs of people with a variety of working styles.

Adapt to Technology

The single greatest force in the evolution of the modern workplace is technological innovation. In order to be successful, a company and its employees must be at ease with technology and be ready and willing to adapt to change. The right experts can provide a glimpse of the future of technology in your industry and help to create the data and power infrastructure needed to support it. For example, a leading trading company designed the communications and electrical infrastructure in their Chicago offices in a grid pattern. The flexible grid was placed under a raised floor which allowed the mobile stations to be configured in various positions and patterns throughout their 100,000 square foot work space.

Embrace the Shifting Demographics

Many branches of the Baby Boomer generation that are left on the corporate tree will eventually be pruned, allowing new growth. The future leaders from Generation X and Y expect their workplace to be healthy, flexible and informal. They expect it to work. When an organization gets this, they have a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent.

Address Wellness Holistically

Companies want healthy employees. That’s why it’s important to create an environment that promotes health and well-being. This goes beyond setting up a fitness center. To create a healthy environment a company should create interiors that are free from toxic materials. They should cater to the comfort of the employees by providing ergonomic work tools and furnishings. The company should pay attention to the benefits of natural light, and reduce the heights of walls and divider pants or eliminate them altogether. Take a look at these wall fountains from to get an idea of some of the cool stuff out there.

All of these tips will help create a more productive office and ensure your workers get more from their place of work.

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