Things people still don’t understand about SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. This means that when a person types in something into an online search such as Google, a business will want to be the first thing that shows up. If not first, it is extremely important to at least show up on the first page of results. Many businesses out there try different techniques to increase their spot in search results but fail in finding the right ones. Others hire professional that make wild claims about what they can achieve, only to find that they have been ripped off. There are some tactics that still work when it comes to optimisation and there are plenty of genuine SEO services that can be hired. The reason why people can’t seem to implement the correct techniques or fail to find a great SEO agency is because there are things people still don’t understand about SEO. This article will explore some of these things, so businesses and website owners can quickly and easily garner the results they so desperately desire.

Long-tail keywords are needed too

What so many people don’t realise about optimisation techniques is that long-tail keywords are needed too. This means full sentences need to be included in website posts and articles. When imagining someone typing something into a Google search it is more likely that they are going to type in a full question or sentence rather than one word. While keywords are still beneficially it is vital to include long-tail keywords as well. For example, instead of using the word “health” in a post three or four times, the word “healthy treats” could be used instead. It is more likely that someone is going to type “healthy treats” into a search bar rather than just “health”. Finding a great SEO agency can be a wise move when wanting to learn more about keyword techniques.

Content needs to be created more than just once

Some people make the mistake of believing that they can write a blog post once at that is that. While having one blog post is better than none, it is imperative to create regular content in order to gain more visibility. Google is more likely to pick on a website that has up to date content rather than one who has posted something six months ago. If this is too much work, then seeking SEO services can be a great option as a SEO agency can take care of content creation needs.

It is all for nothing without mobile compatibility

Some people implement every optimisation strategy under the sun but forget about mobile compatibility. Is a website is struggling to load on a smart phone or tablet then Google is less likely to take notice of that website. Most websites have a simple mobile compatibility option that automatically reformats the site, so it can be easily viewed on a smart device. When struggling to get a website to function well on a mobile, it is a great idea to hire SEO services to help.

Links need to be of good quality

The SEO Shark agency – offering SEO services describes that some may already know that it is really good to have a websites link shared on other websites. What some people don’t understand is that these links can’t just be shared anywhere. They need to a link directing to something relevant like a blog post and they need to be shared on another relevant website. Google is really good at picking up on spam, so links need to be carefully shared to other good quality sites. For example, if a website is about plumbing services then it would be no good to share that link in a health forum. Thinking about the quality of the links shared, and where they are going is key when it comes to SEO.

Magic doesn’t happen overnight

What many don’t understand is that magic does not happen overnight. A website cannot atomically reach the top place of a Google search with a couple of optimisation techniques. It is imperative to practice patience and to use techniques that will work in the long run. Great businesses want to be around for the long haul and don’t want to be an overnight success that doesn’t stick around. It is important to understand this because when companies claim they can get businesses reach that top spot, they are usually blowing smoke. Having said that, there are still tried and tested techniques that do work and that do stand the test of time.

In conclusion, there are techniques out there that when used incorrectly will not garner desired results. Similarly, there are those who claim that can work instant magic when the long-term techniques are usually the best ones. There are simple techniques that can be personally used like the ones discussed in this article, or a professional can be hired to take the stress out of the giant task that is SEO. Many websites and businesses have benefited from using some optimisation strategies and it a key option to look at when working on digital marketing.

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