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There’s a new way to drive traffic to your site

For anyone who owns a business and gets leads or sales through their website, you know that conversions are one of the most important things.  It doesn’t matter how many Twitter followers you have, what your PageRank is, or how many blog posts you publish per week…if you’re not getting conversions, your business is destined to fail.

Sidenote – by “conversions” I mean any action that reaches a goal, it could be a sale in your ecommerce store, or a signup for you freemium web service, or an opt-in to your mailing list.

Sharesly is a new tool from DoSocial that can help you get more traffic and ultimately more conversions.

There’s many ways to use Sharesly for different end results (sharing your own content, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, etc), but we’re going to just focus on one today.

Find a Piece of High Quality Content

The higher quality, the better.  You want it to be well-written and contain interesting pictures, graphs, charts, whatever.  It helps if it’s either super informative or even controversial.

Let’s look at an example.

A quick search for “entrepreneurs” in Google, helped me find this article:

Google Entrepreneurs result

Now I’m going to copy that URL – – to my clipboard.

Create a Sharesly Page

Next, I open up the Add Sharesly Page page in DoSocial.

Sharesly - Add Page - example

Here’s what the various fields mean:

  • Page Title – This will show up as the name of the tab in your browser.  Let’s just use the same title as the Forbes article.
  • URL to Display – This is the Forbes article URL that was in my clipboard.
  • Popover Text – This is some verbage to catch the attention of the reader.  It’ll appear in a popover in the lower left corner of the screen.  In most cases you’d want to write something that’s relevant to the article.
  • Popover Button Text – This is the call-to-action text on the button that appears in the popover.  You may want to use something boring like “Click here”.  Or maybe something funny, or offensive…have fun with it! 😉
  • Button URL – This is the URL you want to send the traffic to.  This is where people will go when they click on your button.  Obviously since I want people to head over to StarterPad I use that URL.
  • Custom Short Code – This is only available for the Premium DoSocial accounts.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with a random string of characters in your URL.  I chose something that’s related to the article topic.

Grab the Link

After clicking “Save” you’ll be automatically redirected to your list of Sharesly pages.  Here you’ll see a column titled “Shortened URL”, that looks something like this: short link

If you click the link, your new Sharesly Page will open in a new tab:

Sharesly example page

Now Share That Sharesly Link!

Now I copy the Sharesly link – – to my clipboard so it’s available for me to promote to my social channels.

I post it to Twitter:

Sharesly Tweet

I post it to Facebook:

Sharesly Facebook post

And of course Google+:

Sharesly GooglePlus

And we can’t forget LinkedIn:

Sharesly LinkedIn

Notice that I referenced Forbes (and DoSocial) in a lot of the posts.  This is totally optional.  If you’re re-sharing someone else’s content, though, it’s always nice to give them props.

Now it’s totally up to you as far as where you should share these links to.  If you like Pinterest or Tumblr or even MySpace, go nuts!  The more the merrier.

The goal is to share this awesome content with your followers, so they’ll be like “Hey, that’s a really good article!” and then they’ll re-share it to their followers, and some of those people, who have never heard of your business, will click your call-to-action popover button, and end up at your landing page (or sales page, or squeeze page, or….you get the drift).

Make sense?  Let me know if I can clear anything up for ya!

Kane Miller

Kane has been involved in startups since he was a teenager. Him and his sister started a company called "Curb Prints" going door-to-door selling address signs painted on the curb in front of people's houses. Fast forward 20 years, he has a computer engineering background, but is now self employed, working on fun and unique web projects, doing angel investing, and helping startups find success.