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The New Business Checklist

If you’re starting a new brick-and-mortar business in your local area, you might want to make sure you’ve got everything on this list covered. Opening a new business can be stressful, and it’s not uncommon that you miss something simple. While you’re thinking about every aspect of your business, make sure you follow these tips before you open your doors.

Get a great website

You don’t just need a website these days — you need a great one. Not having a website could put off lots of potential customers as it’s often one of the first things people look for when they hear about your business. Consider paying a bit for a well-made and modern-looking site. Keep it updated regularly and promote it effectively. Many businesses used to open without websites, but don’t make that mistake for yours if you want to be a success.

Install the right software for your business

If you need particular point of sale software or booking software, make sure you’ve got everything working before you open. If you have a salon, a salon software solution is important to help you organize and book appointments online, as well as processing payments and accounting. While some of this software can be expensive, it’s often worth paying for rather than relying on an open source product. While there are free options available for many of these types of software, you often get what you pay for. Not only are the paid versions often better quality, you also get continued support and updates which could be crucial to your business.

Get on social media

If you aren’t on social media, you should be — it’s a hugely powerful marketing tool. Not only is it a great place to communicate with existing customers, it’s also somewhere you can find new ones to grow your business. If you offer value to your followers and run a compelling social media presence, you could see your likes and follows — as well as your customer base — grow. Don’t ignore social media if you want to be a success in the 21st century.

Be vocal and visible in your local area

Advertise everywhere you can in your local area. But it’s not just about spending money to get the word out there — you can do it yourself. Print leaflets and deliver them door-to-door. Make sure everyone knows what you’re doing and where you are. Attend trade fairs and other local events. Hand out business cards. Make your premises as visible as possible. Tell everyone you can.

Train your staff

Make sure your staff know what they’re doing before you start taking real customers. Take a day out of their schedule and go through things methodically. Make sure they’re friendly and know exactly what they’re doing.

Have a grand opening

Invite tons of relevant local business people and make sure you have a great opening. Offer exclusive discounts and special offers to get people through the door and enticing them to want to buy something. Advertise your grand opening effectively and make sure it’s a great day for your business.

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