The most popular jobs for startups to outsource

It’s critical for startups to focus on what’s most important for driving their business forward. With so much to do, however, small teams can become swamped with work very quickly. This makes it harder to maintain focus.

Your to-do list is sure to have a pecking order of importance. It’s tempting to start with the simple tasks that are easy to check off your list, but is working on those items really the best use of your time? If you have 50 “quick” items on your to-do list, it can really start to add up!

Take a look at your current list and gauge what’s most critical and what you, and only you, can do. Then look at the remaining tasks and determine what you can outsource to freelancers or other helpers.

What are the most popular jobs for startups to outsource?

Various forms of content creation (as outlined below) are popular as well as market research, lead generation, and data entry.

Let’s start with content creation. Is social media central to your marketing strategy? If so, you want to make sure you’re doing it well. That means consistent distribution of engaging content. Creating this content and/or discovering other people’s content to share, forward, or retweet can be quite time-consuming. Why not outsource this to a student?

Content creation doesn’t end with social media though. Blogs are popular means of getting your message out there. Blogs also require a significant time commitment though. A good post every two weeks probably isn’t going to keep your audience coming back regularly. You need more, and to produce more you should consider working with a student who’s a good writer. Students are already in writing mode given the many papers they need to write for class, so turning around a quick blog post or two is no big deal for them. Spread the work among multiple students, and you’ll have months’ worth of content.

With video becoming increasingly popular in the world of content marketing, this is another area you should consider. Students are really eager to put the video skills that they’ve gained in a non-business setting to the test for businesses.

Market research is another area students excel at since they’re already in research mode for their classes. In addition, lead generation and data entry can be very important to a business, but they can be very time-consuming. Having someone who is efficient and a hard worker can be a godsend for these types of tasks.

So why are students the best freelancers?

Students are highly motivated to make a positive impression because each project they work on could be their ticket to their first job offer, or at the very least, that all-important letter of recommendation. Plus they need work experience and/or a portfolio of work to show to prospective employers.

Being hungry is not enough though. Talent is paramount. Fortunately for you, students have grown up in an online world. As the lines between business and social continue to blur and as more business interactions take place online, working with someone who’s fluent in online communications can have an immediate impact.

The icing on the cake when working with students? These freelance hires might just turn into your best full-time hires as your business grows!

Ready to bring on a student to help increase your productivity and drive your business forward? Check out today and post your tasks for free!


John Lidington

John Lidington is the Founder of the online intern/student freelancer marketplace, HireOwl ( John is a big proponent of working with freelancers (especially students, of course!) to not only increase productivity but as a way to constantly gain exposure to new perspectives and creative ways of thinking.