The Importance of Visual Marketing

It’s almost 2016, the time that marketers make their predictions about the upcoming year. One thing I’m sure a lot of marketers will mention is the importance of content marketing.

The sweet spot of content marketing, visuals

There is no doubt about it. Content with only text is boring! Ever read a book without visuals? It’s hard! Luckily we’re blessed to live in a time where visuals are all around us and are excusable for every company. Before going into details, here are some stats:

Importance of Visual Marketing

How to kick start your visual marketing campaign

First of all you need beautiful images. We’ve compiled a list of 22 Amazing sites with Breathtaking Free Stock Photos. These stock photos are free to use, even for commercial use (creative common public domain). Ok, so this is your starting point, now I’ll show you how to edit them.

Free tools to edit your images

There are Open Source tools like Gimp and IncScape which I use and which are great! I know your excited to get started, but I do recommend watching a few tutorials on YouTube beforehand.

There are also online editing tools like Canva and Snappa. I’ve used them both and their great and user-friendly. I’ve made the image above using Snappa, actually.

Visual marketing is not just images

We’re being spoiled as marketers. I know back in the days when it was hard finding the right visuals. Nowadays you can find free stock photos, edit them freely, make your own video, make your own infographic, the list just goes on.

Video marketing is booming! Don’t get left behind, get your own explainer video today. You can use free tools like PowToon and Moovly and if you really want to get serious about video marketing, you can even find highly professional freelance video editors for just €50 on You can choose from more than 2.5k professionals.

Go for quality over quantity

Nowadays it’s much harder to rank in Google. To increase your chances for getting a top position, you should really post quality articles. Visuals can help you engage with your audience, keeping them longer on your site and transmitting positive signals to Google that people are happy with reading your content. For example; my latest post 101 Actionable Growth Tips from World Renowned Business Experts has a long infographic and a video. People stay on the page for minutes, letting Google know that they like my content. Bounce rate and time on site is an important ranking factor. Remember, Google hates pogo-sticking.

Enough from me, what can you teach us?

I know this community is full of entrepreneurs. Don’t be shy, what have you learned about using visuals in content marketing? Let us know so we can continue the conversation and help each other.

Raul Tiru

Raul Tiru is the founder of where Marketers and Designers come to help World-Changing organizations. He believes that we can change the world and that the person who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.