The Best Channels for Generating High Quality Leads in 2018

Businesses depend a great deal on digital marketing to generate high-quality leads. After all, getting the right prospects into the sales funnel can impact the bottom line in considerable ways. For one, businesses can cut down on the average cost-per-lead and influence possible sales conversions using the right CRM strategies across multiple audience engagement channels.

But to further improve revenue generation, companies will have to consider implementing the most effective approaches supporting their lead generation objectives.

Marketing trends vary each year, and entrepreneurs will have to adapt to these changes in order to move forward. As we are currently in the middle of 2018, it is essential to know the strategies and tactics that matter right now in terms of generating high-quality leads.

Using LinkedIn

Professional social networking site LinkedIn should always be included in every marketer’s list of preferred lead generation channels for 2018. It works best for businesses who want to acquire specific customers to buy their products. With content creation tools and a whole host of other features such as the LinkedIn Audience Network, the site makes for an ideal platform for boosting engagements and improving conversion numbers. You can begin your LinkedIn marketing campaign by creating a compelling presence through your profile. You can then create content and distribute them through the Matched Audience feature, which helps you target people that fit your ideal customer profile.

Google Search and Display Networks

Whether you are using Google Adwords or a targeted marketing strategy, both of these strategies are still effective in generating leads for both B2B and B2C enterprises. This is due to the fact that Google display ads can reach 80 percent of global internet users. What’s more, Google’s own Economic Impact report shows that businesses can earn $2 for every $1 spent on PPC campaigns through Adwords. This only shows that companies are more likely to encounter high value opportunities through the Google Search Network.

Corporate events

When it comes down to quality lead generation, companies should look no further than industry events. Conferences, conventions, and product expos are not only good for enhancing brand awareness, they are also indispensable in terms of directly engaging audiences and, eventually, having them to sign up for more details about your offers. Be sure to build an engaging booth so that you can capture potential leads.

Affiliate marketing

If your aim is to increase the number of high quality leads you can generate in a day-to-day basis, it’s always important to consider providing your brand exposure through affiliate websites. Doing so enables you to save on marketing costs while you are getting brand recall through another company’s content, and vice versa. Affiliate marketing, in this sense, can create opportunities for stuffing the sales funnel with quality leads. It requires a great deal of knowing how to build strategic partnerships with other businesses and making sure you can get the best result on your end. No wonder affiliate marketing has been listed as one of the top three channels marketers need to master in 2018.

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