Want to feel like the boss you are? Social Soda is here to help.

Marketing is a major investments for anyone starting a business. And it’s often very time consuming. Problem is: not everyone has time for content production, checking analytics, handling SEO, and so on … On the other hand, spending hiring marketers can be quite costly, which is a tough pill to swallow for entrepreneurs. Well, let me introduce you to Social Soda, a company that promises to streamline your social media marketing and save you both time and money.

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Swiss Made

Adauctus: your Switzerland business services solution

One of the most important lessons in business is to set yourself up so you can concentrate on what you do best. I’ve met many small business owners that have a skill that sets them apart from the competition, but don’t spend enough time using that skill because they are drawn away to other parts of their business. A great mechanic wants someone else to deal with customers, answer the phone and prospect for new clients so he can spend his time fixing cars, as an example. And this simple move can transform your business from an ongoing concern to one that starts to expand and create more income and profit. You will also enjoy your business more as you spend more time doing the thing that you are great at.

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Virtual Office

Why to consider a virtual office for your start up

It was predicted back in the 1990’s that the majority of office workers would be comfortably working from home today; with the advent of the internet came this vision, along with plenty of predictions about how differently each of us would be undertaking business with the power of the web. However whilst the rise of the virtual office has seen significantly lower uptake levels, there’s no doubt that today technology lends itself to businesses powered by workers who span continents and where smaller businesses are able to present themselves as the larger of corporations with exclusive office space and a dedicated receptionist, even where the company in question is a sole trader.

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