Productivity Tools

5 Productivity Tools for all Startups

Transforming the idea to a new Business (Startup) requires great passion in what you are doing, devotion in every aspect, inspired group of people that will support your idea (even rising-up on a higher level) and the right productivity tools that will streamline the way to success.

The most challenging part of all Start-ups is the limited budget at the beginning, so people with brilliant ideas did not manage to swim in the ocean full of sharks. Most of the time their ideas are stolen from some big companies which invest significant funds in the same project, deliver the product/service earlier on the market and start harvesting. The question is, who can survive???

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Trending Content Case Study

DoSocial’s Trending Content case study (spoiler alert: it works!)

DoSocial (a new social media marketing service) has just launched a new tool called Trending Content, and we were lucky enough to get early access.  Of course we took this opportunity to log a ton of data to use for a case study.  We didn’t just want to play around with Trending Content, we wanted to know for sure whether it was effective or not.

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