Want to be an SEO specialist? It’s easier than you think.

I just discovered this brilliant tool and wanted to share it with you. Most of us involved in marketing have some knowledge about SEO basics. You likely know what SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization.  Easy.  And you’ve probably heard people talk about “keywords” and “backlinks”. But unless you’re some kind of robot genius, it’s pretty difficult to write SEO-optimized content (ie. content that Google will LOVE) on-the-fly. Until now…

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Investing in IT

How to Make More Money for Your Business by Investing in Your IT

In the digital and multimedia world in which we live, it is becoming more and more critical for a business to understand that technology, specifically that which is in relationship to their ecommerce site, have proper investments within the IT of such site. Mainly, a business needs to understand the functionality of cloud services and how it relates to their IT. Our world works at an exceptionally fast pace. Immediate access and quick transactions between businesses, specifically ecommerce sites, are expected by consumers. Yet, many people have not embraced or understand the benefits of investing in IT services. The few that have invested in such services many times overlook utilizing the functionality of “the cloud”. By understanding some fundamental yet critical points, your business is more likely to make more money.

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Easily promote your startup with Startuplister

Growing a startup using methods that are effective and efficient while still being affordable is important. Getting your startup listed on startup directories can lead to an increase in traffic, page rank, and users. Startuplister is a service that will manually submit your startup to over 40 of the top directories for you, so you don’t have to.

While submitting your site to these directories and websites are beneficial to your startup, the process of submitting to all of these websites is long, drawn out and includes extensive, tedious, and mundane data entry.

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