indoor meditation

Finding The Time To Meditate Regularly

We always seem to be in a rush nowadays. So how can we find spare time to meditate? There are so many other things competing for our time. We always seem to be in a rush. Food and coffee on the go, speaking on the cell phone while doing other things. Typing away at the computer whilst working with a colleague on the phone.

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5 Biggest Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Launching a startup for the first time can be an intimidating prospect. It requires that you invest a lot of time and effort, and yet, the statistics for new business success are not encouraging. This aside you’re ready to give it your best shot, you have buckets of determination and passion, essential ingredients to make your new venture work. Now, knowing how to sidestep common pitfalls may just keep you out of harm’s way as you navigate your way through the murky waters of the first year in business.

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Entrepreneur Skills

Startup Leadership: 6 Essential Skills for Young Entrepreneurs

Let’s get one thing clear – running a successful startup is nothing like all these success stories repeated over and over in the media. In reality, being a young entrepreneur is hard and requires skills that not many people actually have. True, some of them can be acquired with experience, but others are simply part of your personality. Before you embark on your journey towards success, have a look at these 6 essential skills for successful entrepreneurship to have an idea about what it takes in this business to realize your dreams.

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