5 professionals your business should hire

Congratulations! You’ve successfully launched your own business and are starting to see profitable results. If you’re hoping to grow your business, it might be time to start looking for outside help for some vital functions. You’re the expert at what you do and at the services and products you offer your customers, and that should be your focus. Here are 5 professionals you need to hire so that your business can flourish and you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Want more fans, followers & most importantly … customers?

Most startups do the same ‘ol thing. They setup the basic social media profiles and pages. You know, the ones that everyone uses:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.  And if your product is visual, maybe Pinterest and Instagram as well. Then they start posting self-promotional updates and hope and pray that people randomly discover their pages and start following them.  This strategy rarely works…

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If you’re looking for Facebook growth, read this.

It’s common knowledge that Facebook marketing is one of the best avenues to market your business. But how do you get more legitimate Likes, from real people, on your page? In order to provide entrepreneurs with a boost to their Facebook Page popularity, a large number of “fake Likes” companies appeared. Basically, you pay some money to increase the number of Likes on your Facebook Page, but these are typically from ghost accounts (ie not real people). What happens though is that you end up having a new problem: many Page Likes and very few post Likes.  Then of course there’s also the likelihood of Facebook noticing these fake Likes and removing them, or somehow penalizing your account…

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Want to feel like the boss you are? Social Soda is here to help.

Marketing is a major investments for anyone starting a business. And it’s often very time consuming. Problem is: not everyone has time for content production, checking analytics, handling SEO, and so on … On the other hand, spending hiring marketers can be quite costly, which is a tough pill to swallow for entrepreneurs. Well, let me introduce you to Social Soda, a company that promises to streamline your social media marketing and save you both time and money.

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Consumer Psychology Hacks

Consumer psychology hacks to convert better

Marketing and sales folks have realised that a one-for-all blind strategy will fetch no good results, and even if it does fetch good results once, consistency is a rare virtue of such strategies.

For a strategy which is to be used to convert your lead into a customer or a sale, what you really need to do is persuade your customer to buy your product/service. What better way to achieve this, than by customising your strategy according to basic human psychology?

To be successful, perception is the key; even if you really have the best product in the world, if your customers don’t see it that way, then it’s all for nothing.

To master the art of creating the right perception which can help you convert better, here are some psychology hacks.

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Outsourcing Startups

Utilizing outside help when growing your startup business

When you start up your business, you’re full of energy, wanting to make it a great success, and you’ve done your business planning as far as you can to turn your vision into reality. Once you’re established and your pipedream becomes the real-life enterprise you had envisaged, it’s time to take stock and work out how best to grow the business.

You have a major decision to make here. Are you going to try to keep all your administration and specialist needs, such as finance, IT, and marketing, in-house, or will you consider outsourcing some or all of those functions to experts?

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Business Expenses

7 Essential Business Expenses You Should Remember

Starting a business is an ambitious undertaking. The stakes are high, and it’s not easy to make a name for yourself. The costs will pile up fast, and you may feel tempted to cut corners. It’s possible to go bare bones, but there are things you just can’t live without, and you can risk your business falling apart if you don’t make the necessary investments for your success. These are the seven business expenses essential for success.

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Things Every Startup Founder Should Know

10 Things Every Startup Founder Should Know

Inspired by the countless amazing startup success stories circulating around the web, many startup owners are lured by the prospects of setting up a successful venture without having a real knowledge about its potential risks and disappointments. The truth is, running a startup is a tough job and not every startup succeeds. Having some practical knowledge beforehand might help you to avoid some of the most significant mistakes that impede ventures from growing. Here are top 10 things every startup owner should know before entering the business scene.

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