Top 5 Ways to Scale Your Startup in a Month

Scaling your business refers to the capability of a startup to cope and perform under an increased or expanding workload. Every business starts out as a startup but one that can increase its revenue while still managing to keep its operating costs at the same or only minimally higher is a business that has excellent scalability. Being able to scale your startup requires certain infrastructure in place. Here are the top five ways to scale your startup in a month.

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5 Mistakes Growing Small Businesses Make

At first glance, it feels that a growing business has it made. The same goes for its owner. You have managed to survive the initial chaos of starting a business and things are looking up at the moment. You are getting more orders or accounts and your customer base is growing. You might even feel the urge to relax for a couple of days, let go of the reigns you have been holding with unyielding focus. Read More


5 Bootstrapping Strategies to Help Your Startup Grow Faster

Bootstrapping a startup is usually in the top 2 of any entrepreneur’s list of most stressful problems leading up to launch.

If you can resist the urge to spend money you don’t have or hold out on taking out loans for amounts you aren’t 100 percent sure you can pay back, then your startup is doomed from day one.

Pure and simple.

After all, as the saying goes “No money, no honey.” And the honey in this case is the cash that’s keeping the doors open, lights on, product development moving forward, and keeping the marketing plan in play.

Budget is one of a very few factors in your business that you can completely control day-in and day-out, contrary to what many a newbie startup owner might tell you. Lack of resolve and poor planning can quickly stifle growth, while cutting expenses wherever possible will keep you out of the red indefinitely – if you have a solid business plan.

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Want more followers on Twitter? Try Tweepi.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. According to the Twitter quarterly report published in the last quarter of 2015, it has around 320 million active users worldwide; and even more impressive … the number of total registered users exceeds 1 billion!

The potential for marketers is huge!

Twitter offers a tremendous opportunity for startups and businesses alike to reach and interact with millions of people worldwide. But are all businesses interested in reaching everyone? The answer may surprise you …

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