If you’re looking for Facebook growth, read this.

It’s common knowledge that Facebook marketing is one of the best avenues to market your business. But how do you get more legitimate Likes, from real people, on your page? In order to provide entrepreneurs with a boost to their Facebook Page popularity, a large number of “fake Likes” companies appeared. Basically, you pay some money to increase the number of Likes on your Facebook Page, but these are typically from ghost accounts (ie not real people). What happens though is that you end up having a new problem: many Page Likes and very few post Likes.  Then of course there’s also the likelihood of Facebook noticing these fake Likes and removing them, or somehow penalizing your account…

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Want to feel like the boss you are? Social Soda is here to help.

Marketing is a major investments for anyone starting a business. And it’s often very time consuming. Problem is: not everyone has time for content production, checking analytics, handling SEO, and so on … On the other hand, spending hiring marketers can be quite costly, which is a tough pill to swallow for entrepreneurs. Well, let me introduce you to Social Soda, a company that promises to streamline your social media marketing and save you both time and money.

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The most popular jobs for startups to outsource

It’s critical for startups to focus on what’s most important for driving their business forward. With so much to do, however, small teams can become swamped with work very quickly. This makes it harder to maintain focus.

Your to-do list is sure to have a pecking order of importance. It’s tempting to start with the simple tasks that are easy to check off your list, but is working on those items really the best use of your time? If you have 50 “quick” items on your to-do list, it can really start to add up!

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Entrepreneur Skills

Startup Leadership: 6 Essential Skills for Young Entrepreneurs

Let’s get one thing clear – running a successful startup is nothing like all these success stories repeated over and over in the media. In reality, being a young entrepreneur is hard and requires skills that not many people actually have. True, some of them can be acquired with experience, but others are simply part of your personality. Before you embark on your journey towards success, have a look at these 6 essential skills for successful entrepreneurship to have an idea about what it takes in this business to realize your dreams.

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