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Find Prospects and Leads for your Startups and Business with AeroLeads

If you are a startup, you must have realized by now that it is easier to build than to sell… or at least developing is much faster than marketing and selling. You can of course do the inbound way of getting traffic and users by running a blog, writing more content, media mentions, hanging out at various forums, etc.  But this is a long-term strategy and you do need a much faster way of getting initial traction and early adopters, which can be done by directly finding prospects and leads and contacting them.

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Startup Business Resources

Startup Business Resources

Most aspiring entrepreneurs start with high hopes and big dreams when they begin working on their first startup.  But then they come to realize that dreaming was far easier than actually accomplishing what they had set out to do. As problems start to pile up, hope starts to diminish and most people give up and move on to the next thing.

Before you think about throwing away your idea for the next shiny object, just ask yourself this: isn’t hard work part of the recipe for success? Sure, entrepreneurship is riskier than a regular 9 to 5 job, but profits can increase proportionally with risk. So don’t give up just yet.

If other entrepreneurs have made it in the past, why can’t you? You have something that they never had. You will now have startup business resources that do most of your work for you. Other entrepreneurs have had to spend days collecting the data which you can now get in minutes. If they made it, so can you. In fact, you can do it better 🙂

In this article you’ll find a collection of the best resources and tools that you can use to launch your startup…even on a shoestring budget. We here at StarterPad have personally used all the resources we recommend, so rest assured you’re in safe hands. Let’s get started.

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Everypost – The Social Media Publishing Tool to Help Make Posting Easier

What is Everypost?

Social media publishing platform, Everypost makes it quick, easy and efficient for individuals and businesses to organize and moderate their various social communication channels. This Miami-based startup has an average user growth of 10% per week and has positioned itself as a leading contender in the social media publishing space.
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Growth Hacking

6 Reasons Why a Growth Hacker is a MUST in Your Startup

In the lifetime of every startup, there comes a point when the venture is ready to scale and looking for potential directions of growth. Determining which ones are right and which are wrong isn’t easy – and that’s when a skilled growth hacker comes in and saves the day. A “Growth Hacker” is someone who can come up with scalable and sustainable growth strategies – he isn’t just a marketer, but a person whose sole purpose at the company is to focus and realize its expansion goals. Here are 6 good reasons why you should think about hiring a growth hacker right now, unless you want for your startup to face some serious problems.

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