5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Key Business Processes

Outsourcing is a beautiful thing. As a business owner, what you’re able to do well for yourself, you do for yourself. On the flip side of things, however, if others are better at doing something, you simply hire them to do it for you—after all, your name is still on the finished product.

It’s a simple, organizational decision that promises to bring about both improved efficiency and widespread growth. To this day, though, far too many businesses avoid outsourcing key business processes, fearing they’ll quickly lose control of things.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, know now that you’re not alone in feeling this way. That said, after reading through the entirety of this post, if any of the below reasons strike too close to home for comfort, it might very well be time to try your hand at the cost- and time-saving tactic.

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Six Tips When Integrating IT After a Merger or Acquisition

You must never underestimate the extra workload placed on IT teams for ensuring a harmonious marriage of two disparate IT estates whether you are part of the acquired or the acquirer. Having previously paid a role actively in working alongside several organizations facing such circumstances, the following are some tips for anybody tasked with making sure that the result is successful.

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5 professionals your business should hire

Congratulations! You’ve successfully launched your own business and are starting to see profitable results. If you’re hoping to grow your business, it might be time to start looking for outside help for some vital functions. You’re the expert at what you do and at the services and products you offer your customers, and that should be your focus. Here are 5 professionals you need to hire so that your business can flourish and you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Outsourcing Startups

Utilizing outside help when growing your startup business

When you start up your business, you’re full of energy, wanting to make it a great success, and you’ve done your business planning as far as you can to turn your vision into reality. Once you’re established and your pipedream becomes the real-life enterprise you had envisaged, it’s time to take stock and work out how best to grow the business.

You have a major decision to make here. Are you going to try to keep all your administration and specialist needs, such as finance, IT, and marketing, in-house, or will you consider outsourcing some or all of those functions to experts?

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Investing in IT

How to Make More Money for Your Business by Investing in Your IT

In the digital and multimedia world in which we live, it is becoming more and more critical for a business to understand that technology, specifically that which is in relationship to their ecommerce site, have proper investments within the IT of such site. Mainly, a business needs to understand the functionality of cloud services and how it relates to their IT. Our world works at an exceptionally fast pace. Immediate access and quick transactions between businesses, specifically ecommerce sites, are expected by consumers. Yet, many people have not embraced or understand the benefits of investing in IT services. The few that have invested in such services many times overlook utilizing the functionality of “the cloud”. By understanding some fundamental yet critical points, your business is more likely to make more money.

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Challenges of Working Remotely & How TrackDuck Solves Them

A burning need of IT specialists is resulting in a considerable growth of outsourcing which leads to groups of people working all over the world – remotely. Remote communication and work within scattered teams of IT, among different departments or subsidiaries of the same company, with clients miles away etc., causes a whole variety of problems and inconveniences which traditional means of communication like email, Skype and PM tools are not enough to solve anymore.

As a result, this post will highlight three major pains of working remotely within web development and design teams and explain how TrackDuck, a visual feedback tool for web developers and designers not just removes communications challenges but erases them from memory entirely.

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