How Hard is it to Raise Money in 2018?

More than before, startups today are sourcing for capital. Likewise, investors are seeking for the best investment to put money on to achieve a good return. On these backgrounds, we had a chat with Dirk Röthig, a German investment specialist. In the conversation, we talked about his vision, and the chances for startups and investors, as well as success tips for startups in finding the perfect investor for their business?

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Startup Wisdom from Founder Samir Shaikh

Practical wisdom from real estate and technology entrepreneur / investor / founder, Samir Shaikh.

A recent study by the National Foundation for American Policy showed that immigrant founders started more than half of the so-called ‘Unicorn’ startups (startups with valuation of $1 billion or more) in the U.S. This is solid proof that grit, tenacity and passion are potent ingredients needed to start some of the most transformative companies in human history.

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What is Traction and Why is it Important for Investors?

When most people hear the word ‘traction” the first thing that usually comes to their mind is the friction between two surfaces, screeching tires and halting cars. Did you perceive the same thing? Perhaps you did, perhaps you didn’t. When I first saw the word traction I was convinced it meant something like a transaction.  Google humbly corrected my misconception … traction literally does mean friction.

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