Amazing Tech Advancements in the Medical Industry

The future of healthcare is here, and new technology is leading the way to advancements in this vital field. New developments from the digital health startup community offer the ability to cure major diseases, change personalized healthcare, and revolutionize the way doctors operate within this industry.

As new technologies emerge, it’s exciting to see how they reshape the world’s idea of modern medicine and care. Here are five amazing tech advancements in the medical industry today. Read More


MEDHALT: An Innovation in The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is astir with patients, doctors, technological advancements, research, drugs, diseases and inventions. What could be new to this industry? The answer is an emerging concept called Medical Tourism. This concept in the field of medicine is fast flourishing, with patients travelling to seek medical care across international borders. Cheap treatment costs, unavailability of procedures in the home country and lengthy waiting times are the primary cause of this movement. has stepped in to take advantage of the niche market of medical tourism, which currently is a 60 to 90 billion USD industry.

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