The Best Channels for Generating High Quality Leads in 2018

Businesses depend a great deal on digital marketing to generate high-quality leads. After all, getting the right prospects into the sales funnel can impact the bottom line in considerable ways. For one, businesses can cut down on the average cost-per-lead and influence possible sales conversions using the right CRM strategies across multiple audience engagement channels.

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Things people still don’t understand about SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. This means that when a person types in something into an online search such as Google, a business will want to be the first thing that shows up. If not first, it is extremely important to at least show up on the first page of results. Many businesses out there try different techniques to increase their spot in search results but fail in finding the right ones. Others hire professional that make wild claims about what they can achieve, only to find that they have been ripped off. There are some tactics that still work when it comes to optimisation and there are plenty of genuine SEO services that can be hired. The reason why people can’t seem to implement the correct techniques or fail to find a great SEO agency is because there are things people still don’t understand about SEO. This article will explore some of these things, so businesses and website owners can quickly and easily garner the results they so desperately desire.

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HTML 5: A Dream Come True For Video SEM

We all wish it was possible to watch a video without the annoying pop-ups that keep on interfering with our experience or the need to download the latest Adobe Flash. It could even be better if you could watch the video using a mobile device without any complications. This is a dream come true for the advertiser trying to attract customers and for the user who is trying to avoid any interference. The good news is that this is no longer a dream courtesy of HTML 5: a dream come true for video SEM.

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Pointers on Hiring a Social Media Manager for your Dental Practice

So, How Does One Go About Finding The Right Person To Manage Their Social Networks?

Nowadays there are so many people who claim to be “social media experts”, to find the proper person to hire, a through ad for hire must be created. The ad must clearly states that that you are aiming to accomplish with the use of social media marketing as well as the qualifications that a social media manager should possess.

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Early growth hacking strategies for startups

The sole objective of a growth hacker is to grow the number of users for a specific product. Over the last few years, we see more and more products growing from zero users to millions at galloping rates – growth hacking tactics have become a must for everyone who wants to grow.

The idea is, that for every decision a company makes, a growth hacker should ask: ”What will be the impact on growth?”

Here are some of the most effective growth hacking strategies to implement in the early stages of your startup:

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