Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Small business – big ambitions, or what marketing plan begins with.

What do you think, what distinguishes entrepreneurs who run a profitable business from those who are barely making ends meet? Any successful business has a clear and well-elaborated strategy. Alas, so many businessmen are captured by tactical maneuvers (site development, advertising campaigns, blogging, networking, personnel management and so on) that they simply do not have enough time to work through the marketing strategy at the appropriate level.

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Anyone Can Create A Tech Start-up

Technology is becoming more important in our everyday lives; it’s growing and evolving at an ever-increasing rate. In fact, in the UK, tech industries are growing 32% faster than the rest of the country’s economy – it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs want to make their mark in this thriving industry and create their own tech start-up. However, many people who want to do this are put off when they realise they don’t actually know anything about technology at all. Here are some reasons why anyone can create a tech start-up.

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5 Biggest Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Launching a startup for the first time can be an intimidating prospect. It requires that you invest a lot of time and effort, and yet, the statistics for new business success are not encouraging. This aside you’re ready to give it your best shot, you have buckets of determination and passion, essential ingredients to make your new venture work. Now, knowing how to sidestep common pitfalls may just keep you out of harm’s way as you navigate your way through the murky waters of the first year in business.

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5 Bootstrapping Strategies to Help Your Startup Grow Faster

Bootstrapping a startup is usually in the top 2 of any entrepreneur’s list of most stressful problems leading up to launch.

If you can resist the urge to spend money you don’t have or hold out on taking out loans for amounts you aren’t 100 percent sure you can pay back, then your startup is doomed from day one.

Pure and simple.

After all, as the saying goes “No money, no honey.” And the honey in this case is the cash that’s keeping the doors open, lights on, product development moving forward, and keeping the marketing plan in play.

Budget is one of a very few factors in your business that you can completely control day-in and day-out, contrary to what many a newbie startup owner might tell you. Lack of resolve and poor planning can quickly stifle growth, while cutting expenses wherever possible will keep you out of the red indefinitely – if you have a solid business plan.

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