Why E-Commerce Store Owners Should Aim to Constantly Re-engage with their Customers

Owning, running and retaining an E-Commerce store is hard work. Like every other business, it relies on steady income, brand recognition and a really good understanding of the industry. Whilst many stores are now also online as well as existing physically, E-Commerce stores rely on active online shoppers in order to succeed more than usual shops do.

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Trending Content Case Study

DoSocial’s Trending Content case study (spoiler alert: it works!)

DoSocial (a new social media marketing service) has just launched a new tool called Trending Content, and we were lucky enough to get early access.  Of course we took this opportunity to log a ton of data to use for a case study.  We didn’t just want to play around with Trending Content, we wanted to know for sure whether it was effective or not.

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