Five effective digital marketing strategies for small businesses

The goal of every business is to raise revenue and increase the market reach. This is easier said than done. Businesses use different marketing techniques to ensure that their products and services appeal to the consumers. In the traditional form of marketing, business owners spent a huge amount on their marketing plan and tried to reach out to the local audience. Methods like billboard advertising and print advertising were used to create awareness about a product or service. However, it did not always lead to the generation of high revenue and sales. It was considered to be a very expensive form of marketing.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Outsourcing Content

Increasingly, businesses and entrepreneurs are catching on to the idea of content marketing – creating and sharing content online to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Why is it so popular? Because it works.

One of the most important parts of content marketing is creating the content itself. This needs doing on a regular basis while maintaining the quality that your visitors expect, and that will keep them coming back for more.

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The most popular jobs for startups to outsource

It’s critical for startups to focus on what’s most important for driving their business forward. With so much to do, however, small teams can become swamped with work very quickly. This makes it harder to maintain focus.

Your to-do list is sure to have a pecking order of importance. It’s tempting to start with the simple tasks that are easy to check off your list, but is working on those items really the best use of your time? If you have 50 “quick” items on your to-do list, it can really start to add up!

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Trending Content Case Study

DoSocial’s Trending Content case study (spoiler alert: it works!)

DoSocial (a new social media marketing service) has just launched a new tool called Trending Content, and we were lucky enough to get early access.  Of course we took this opportunity to log a ton of data to use for a case study.  We didn’t just want to play around with Trending Content, we wanted to know for sure whether it was effective or not.

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Secrets of Content Marketing That Experts Don't Want You to Know

Secrets of Content Marketing That Experts Don’t Want You to Know

With more than 60% of businesses already using content marketing for their inbound marketing techniques, you can’t deny that it’s critical in establishing a brand’s online reputation. Today people aren’t impressed with traditional marketing techniques; they want more customized, genuine and focused information.

But wait … content marketing isn’t just good for impressing customers. Google loves it too. It’s one of the most popular marketing techniques for getting organic traffic and generating conversions.

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