Struggling Starter to Online Super Startup – What you need to know to boost your site’s traffic and conversions.

Getting noticed is not such an easy thing, especially when the vehicle used is the internet. Among the endless sea of online startups, blogs, websites, online stores, social media sites, and YouTube videos specializing in any topic your imagination will take you to, driving traffic to your own site can be especially difficult.

Luckily, there are some key steps you can take to make your voice heard in a sea of noise, by boosting traffic and increasing conversions. Here’s a list of the top six tips you can use to achieve your goals, whether you’re an established company or a new and exciting startup.

Titles & Headers

Your page’s title or header should intrigue the reader. Copy should be clear, catchy and straightforward. Inundated by a sea of online information, most of us skim websites, only stopping to read with any depth the information we believe will benefit us. It’s up to you to give us a reason to read. Using a title that gives the reader an idea of the content, and doing it in a clever way will increase the chances a reader spends enough time on your page to convert.

Knowing Your Audience

All of your page’s copy should be straightforward, interesting, and at the appropriate reading level of your audience. This is especially useful if you have a blog component on your site. Readers will not be interested in staying very long on your blog if it’s above or below a comfortable reading level. Knowing who you’re writing for will help you tailor your content to their tastes. Also consider inserting videos, and plenty of interesting pictures to keep a visitor reading.

Visitor Interaction

Encourage visitors to contribute with blog post comments, question and answer pages, or feedback on products and services. Reply to all comments, answer all questions, and thank visitors for feedback.

Social Media

Social media posting by you and your site’s visitors is crucial for increasing traffic and conversions. For your part, maintain an active social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by uploading new and unique articles regularly. Encouraging visitors to like and share your site via social media buttons will help increase traffic to your site.

Site Appearance

Avoid any buttons that draw visitors away from the Call to Action (CTA). The color scheme and button colors can have a huge impact on whether or not a visitor converts. So, play around with color and layout to see what finds the most success.

Blog – Content Writing

Content writing on your site with a blog is a popular way of attracting traffic, especially if the content accurately targets the correct audience with well-defined keywords. If you maintain a blog, make sure you update it with new posts regularly, at least once a week. The content should consist of unique articles that offer the reader fresh information. Have other popular bloggers guest post on your blog, and try doing the same on others’ blog sites.

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