Startups We Love

Startups We Love – May 13, 2015

Here’s a few startups trending on StarterPad that we love, and hope you will too.


Content Marketer is one of our favorite new marketing tools!

It helps you connect with influencers in your industry, promote content, increase traffic, and build relationships.

Simply enter the URL of an article you like to get started 🙂

You can follow Content Marketer on StarterPad here.

Papaly logo

Papaly is a cloud-based bookmark manager. It allows you to easily manage your favorite links from any device.

But that’s not all it does…

It also has a social networking twist, so you can connect with other users and follow each other’s link boards, like our Startup Resources board.

You can follow Papaly on StarterPad here.

EasySendy logo

EasySendy allows business owners to send emails to their customers at about a 25x cheaper cost than existing hosted email marketing services.

How is this possible? It uses the “Sendy” software along with Amazon SES. So you get high deliverability rates, an easy-to-use interface, and a dedicated IP… all for a super affordable price. How cool is that?

You can follow EasySendy on StarterPad here.

Kane Miller

Kane has been involved in startups since he was a teenager. Him and his sister started a company called "Curb Prints" going door-to-door selling address signs painted on the curb in front of people's houses. Fast forward 20 years, he has a computer engineering background, but is now self employed, working on fun and unique web projects, doing angel investing, and helping startups find success.