Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Small business – big ambitions, or what marketing plan begins with.

What do you think, what distinguishes entrepreneurs who run a profitable business from those who are barely making ends meet? Any successful business has a clear and well-elaborated strategy. Alas, so many businessmen are captured by tactical maneuvers (site development, advertising campaigns, blogging, networking, personnel management and so on) that they simply do not have enough time to work through the marketing strategy at the appropriate level.

What is the “proper level”? It’s simple: a reasonable strategy will enhance the results of your marketing initiatives. This is basically a chain of solutions that will make from your daily tactics a reliable algorithm of actions aimed at the results: the best brand exposure in the market, the new deals, big margins, user involvement, teamwork and the development of your corporate culture.

Next, it is necessary to adapt the general guidelines according to the business specifics and the team with which you work. All successful businesses started with five steps to create an effective marketing strategy:

  • Thorough identification of the target audience.
  • Differentiation of the market niche in which you operate.
  • Creating a unique selling proposition.
  • Determination of the main competitors and analysis of their marketing activity.
  • Formation of competitive advantages of brand.

The power of focus

The idea is to describe each of the items most succinctly and concisely. These are your main targets for the next year or two. Do not deviate from the course. Stay faithful to your goals.

As far as SMM is concerned, social media marketing is one of the most reliable ways to develop your brand and promote your services, especially if you have a small business.

1. You need to choose a social platform where you are going to promote your brand. Nowadays, there is a diversity of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Vine etc. In fact, these social platforms have shown perfect results for the promotion of services and products, but because your business is considered to be not that substantial you need to concentrate on the most popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook. Choose the one that encompasses your potential audience and customers. For Australian assignment writers, for example, there is no problem choosing an appropriate platform because their services are aimed at the young audience that uses all the above-mentioned platforms. To find out which social networks and websites will be best for you, directly speak with some of your customers or potential customers and find out your niche there.

2. Public your content regularly to keep your subscribers in the picture! You need to even make a plan of publications. Make several publications a day, but remember: each day! Make a list of the sections and themes you will deal with. Answer all the questions from your subscribers and respond to even negative comments but not the same way, of course. You need to build a report with the customers to have loyal audience!

3. Never obtrude your product and do not accentuate all your publications on the word “buy”. Try to deviate from the topic of your profit and the intention to sell as much as possible. Try to explain why your customers need your product by writing small articles connected with the subject matter. Publish funny photos, vines if possible. Be as friendly as possible and you will see positive feedback and then results of your work!

4. Pamper your customer with new offers and sales. It is very important to show that you respect and take care of your customers. This way you help your customers love you even more. Give them a little joy in the form of special discounts, invitations to presentations and workshops, etc. Motivate them to be with you again and again.

5. Learn the most about social media optimization and attract even more people to buy and support your business. This way you will have more traffic and thus more profit.

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