Simple Ways to Save When Renovating Your Home

Deciding to renovate your home may seem exciting, but it can easily go awry. A miscalculation on your part may engender a plethora of problems you’re not prepared to handle. Moreover, there’s always the possibility of being hoodwinked by your contractor or going beyond your budget. Hence, to ensure that the renovation would turn out well, you need to be well-prepared. This means you should know the right way to do it. Here are some simple tips that could help you avoid the usual pitfalls accompanying home renovation while saving on your expenses:

Begin with the End in Mind

This means that you should have a definite plan. You should also put your plan on a blueprint. The more perfect your blueprint is, the more useful it would be, and the less unnecessary additional expenses you would incur if you stick to it.

Figure Out What You Really Want to Renovate

Do you want a structural change or simply cosmetic changes? If you don’t have a definite idea for renovation, it would be good to watch some shows that showcase home designs. You can also peruse some home decorating magazines or search online for decoration ideas. These great ideas can help you further refine your plan. Stick to this plan always!

Consult with an Architect or a Contractor

Don’t be ill-advised when engaging in home renovation. Always remember that your expenses may uncontrollably balloon if you fail to anticipate the risks involved in the renovation. Hence, after laying out your plan, make sure that you are well-advised about the possible implications and risks accompanying your plan.

Hire the Services of a Pro

Don’t decide to do it yourself if you are not sure about your capability. With simple home renovations, you can decide to DIY, but for a renovation that requires expertise, you should be humble enough to acknowledge your limitations. Moreover, a renovation may be time-consuming, and if you don’t have the luxury of time, you may end up not completing it on time. So, hiring a pro is your best option.

Do a Background Check on Your Contractor

It’s not enough to check the feedback of your prospective contractor, you should also make a complete checking of the contractor’s license, lien history, certificate of insurance, and other certifications. Be sure that you are willing to work with that contractor likewise. Have at least three contractor options, and ask for a cash discount if possible.

Insist on a Highly Specific Contract

Make sure that your contract includes the following: timeline, payment schedule, potential penalties for breach of contract, and the nitty-gritty of the renovation process. There may be unexpected delays along the way, but make sure that you properly time your due date for the project to accommodate unexpected delays.

Looks for Ways to Save

First, if you are going to repaint, you can go to any local paint store and try to collect mis-tints. These mis-tints are surely less expensive. If you need tiles, go to home improvement stores and go straight to the clearance areas. There you will find items with marked-down prices. You can also go to the Scratch & Dent section where you can get killer deal on many items. If it is the flooring that you would like to renovate, you can opt for pre-finished engineered wood flooring. You can also go directly to sub-contractor and builder suppliers for less expensive materials.

Send Any Furniture or Things to a Storage Vault to Avoid Damaging Them

This may not be necessary if you can protect your furniture and appliances from being damaged during the renovation process. Yet, if you live in Glasgow for example, sending them to a storage in Glasgow, would surely be advantageous. First, it can help clear the area where the renovation will take place, while keeping your precious furniture and appliances safe and secure. Any major damage to your furniture will surely add up to your expenses if you would be required to buy new items.

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